ivy vines

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what could feel better against the wind than a luscious ring of cashmere for one’s throat? this one features a little openwork that remains un-fussy as it puddles into the neckline of a coat. it’s a quick, fun project to kick off the gift-knitting season, when you still have time enough to make two—one to give and one to keep (wink!).

shown above: size small in breathtakingly soft fearless fibers cashmere sport, colorway anne

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no one was happier than me when deb kessler decided to reintroduce her beautiful cashmere yarn lines. she sent me a skein in all my favorite colors with the hope that we’d do a neckwarmer project with it and here we are; thank you deb! please visit deb’s etsy shop to browse her wonderful selection of these and other lovely fiber choices.
many thanks to my friends debby and carissa, who offered to test knit the pattern—they were a huge help in working out the kinks with this one. debby knit the ecru version shown in a couple of the photos below; a completely different look that shows the patterns off in a more sharply-defined way.

21 thoughts on “ivy vines

  1. I love the blue one….the depth is stunning! I can’t wait to do mine. Can you believe I have been so busy at the fair that I can’t possibly knit? We are doing well………..people love your patterns. 😉

  2. Wow.. you have such a jam-packed world, I missed a couple days, and poof.. I’m totally behind.
    First off Happy belated birthday to your dear David. May he have a fabulous year ahead, filled with joy and beauty.
    And I love these neck warmers/cowls. There really ought to be a fancier name for what you have created, because they are so elegant.
    Mink/wool?? wow.. (be still my heart)
    and your spinning looks so awesome on your great wheel.

  3. absolutely love this pattern and I’m also hanging out for the mink-cashmere one!

    what yarn did debby use for the ecru version? it looks soft and lush, even with the great stitch definition

  4. Yes, I’m behind too! I love cowls and those two are great. I made cowls for all of Mia’s teachers last year and now am inspired to make more. Love the ecru one in particular – it does show the stitch pattern well.

  5. I know this is a repeat question, but what is the yarn for the ecru version. It looks like it has some bamboo in it.

    Really tidy pattern. I also loved the pictures of your new wheel. I find myself getting slowly drawn to spinning.

  6. I’m not sure by the picture what kind of gauge you would like for David’s sweater but I have a source of single ply that is about 9 st/12 rows to 10 cm. If you are interested, email me.

  7. that’s a beautiful pattern anne! my first thought, not having any sportweight cashmere was malabrigo — would this pattern be easy to modify for a larger gauge? fewer repeats, etc? let me know what you think! thanks,


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