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next stop on our tour of luxury yarns—luscious mink, blended with soft, mongolian cashmere. plump leaf (or tulip) motifs undulate along the deep folds of this neckwarmer and mitt set, keeping warmth where it belongs—next to the skin. a truly priceless gift, whether you keep it or give it to someone dear.

shown above: size small neckwarmer in exquisite mink/cashmere DK, colorway natural, from great northern yarns

mitts in size large shown below is the same beautiful yarn; see a full array of yummy colors here

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

it was actually my friend kim who introduced me to this gorgeous yarn and the man behind it, craig turner. craig sent me a skein of his mink/cashmere DK with all the information about how it is harvested and spun (click on his name to read for yourself). many thanks craig; i love this stuff!

ok, let’s look at some more photos . . .

23 thoughts on “leafprints

  1. Oh wow!!! Beautiful beautiful pictures Anne. That yarn looks absolutely fabulous knitted up. . . .

  2. bought the pattern! and hoping that Craig’s yarn will arrive tomorrow … now just checking that I have the right needles …

  3. They look so soft and warm. Could of used them as I just got in from walking dog in the COLD Illinois evening.

  4. Wow. Last time I was in a trance reading about the mink/cashmere & almost bought the black at work before snapping out of it. Now I’ve decided I really do want it & they’re all out!

  5. Wow, I was expecting that yarn to be a lot more expensive than it is. I’m going to have to get my hands on a skein of it. Beautiful designs!

  6. Gorgeous pattern, gorgeous and responsible yarn at a very reasonable price for such luxury.
    Now my real question: The coffee mug, is it hand thrown? I used to have two very, very similar thrown by a potter who sold his work under the name of Prometheus pottery. I loved the cups because the handles were wide and comfortable and the cup itself was relatively light weight.

  7. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I just bought this pattern today and hopefully by next weekend I can have some yarn and get them made. LOVE!!!

  8. Got the yarn ordered and pattern is on its way. Can’t wait to try this yarn. I saw the review that Clara did and had hoped that someone would design a good pattern for the yarn. Thanks!

  9. They’re beautiful, Anne! At first I thought that the picture was of a cowl and scarf, and thought “YES. That solves my scarf problem for me!”

    I realize now that it is the back of one of the mitts, but… do you think it would be ok if I modified the pattern a bit, maybe added a border, and made a scarf out of it? I know a lady that would just love it.

  10. ooooo, I just ordered the Great Northern mink/cashmere in red for the mitts! Perfect Christmas gift for my real-estate-selling girlfriend who spends lots of time in the car and won’t have to take them off to write a note or log on to her computer to look up a listing (she promised me she pulls over to the side of the road)! Can’t wait to knit them!! Thanks!!!

  11. I just received my skein of this lovely yarn and I must say that it isn’t near as fuzzy as yours. 🙁 Please tell me it will bloom after I knit it up and give it a bath?!?

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