it’s a wash

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in my monday morning class we had a couple of people with finished lace scarves that wanted a blocking lesson, so about an hour before they got here, i put the scarves on to soak got out the wires and the old bedsheet and set up the blocking spot in the living room. one of […]

may’s mystery project revealed

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(flower of the day, pepper) heh, the pepper plants are so full of peppers right now that they’re falling over. but i’ve found that when i don’t have time to deal with them, the best place to store them is right on the stalk. they seem to be able to sit out there, getting fat, […]

has anyone seen my countertop?

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with no work from my day job this weekend, i made plans on friday to knit ALL weekend long. ahhh . . . it would be great. i pictured all the catching up i would do. well, i have done some (coming, i promise), but i was hit with a reality check yesterday morning. (cue […]

unclogged at last

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i think—no, i’m sure—i have knit my last clog for this winter. i’m pretty sure i have enough now and i’m positive that i’m totally sick and tired of them (at least for this year). that would be a pile of 11 pair, so, yeah—that sounds like enough to me . . . for everyone […]