lord, i was born a ramblin’ man

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Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man
Trying to make a living and doing the best I can
When it’s time for leaving, I hope you’ll understand
That I was born a rambling man

—forrest richard betts, 1972

the few days just before leaving for a trip are always rather chaotic around here. much as i try to start preparing days ahead, i always end up rushing to get out the door.

we’re leaving thursday morning for a 10-day trip east. this weekend i’m excited to be teaching at the knitter’s review fall retreat in williamstown, MA. david will travel to long island to visit his family for a few days while i party on with our tribe.
we’ll reconvene in albany to spend a week with my mom for thanksgiving.

on saturday, november 28th, i’ll be at trumpet hill yarn shop in albany with a trunk show of goodies to help celebrate the shop’s 3rd anniversary. the event is open to all and robena will be thrilled to see you there if you can make it.

so that’s a lotta traveling in the next couple of weeks. i started to pack my knitting on sunday while i was still feeling calm so as not to forget a ribbing needle or leave an important sheet of pattern notes at home (i probably will anyway).

i’ll admit it right now: i’ve got a lot more projects on the needles than i’m normally comfortable with—like ten or twelve—which is about five or six too many for my sanity (that’s not all of them) and my actual available knitting time. i indulged in a binge of startitis-with-a-purpose last week while cookie was here, so i wouldn’t have to start anything new while not at home. i dunno if this was a good strategy or if it just makes me feel more scattered; hopefully it will pay off while on the road.

i’ll inventory all of those in a minute, but first, let’s back up and talk about something i did finish this week

you know my friend susie, the ANGEL?? she brought her skein of purple mink to class on monday and i was able to finish up the scarf. today i soaked and blocked it and it ended up the exact dimensions i hoped without any coaxing (i didn’t actually stretch it, just squared the sides and opened up the cables a bit).

don’t they look cute together?
i still need to finish the pattern and send it to ronni for proofing. i also need to find someone to model it for me over the weekend (oooh, maybe clara would do it??).

it’s been for-evah since i blocked anything—no wonder i’ve been so idgety lately. it was wonderful to spend an hour in the middle of my work day pinning out the scarf. in fact, i noticed this week that i’m experiencing symptoms of lace withdrawal. when i get back home, i must get some sort of lacy shawl on the needles—holiday knitting be damned.

before i do though, some of these other projects need to get finished.

first and foremost, the fire sock for the yarn4socks club.

i decided to name it flaming desire; it taunts me by singing i’m too sexy every time i walk by it without touching it. ok, well, it has a point—i do love the shape it’s taking in its unblocked state.

here’s the back—you can see i’ve knit down past the heel and have started the foot. then there’s the side shot—my favorite angle of all

you can practically see sparks flying, right?
i find this sock very exciting to knit; i can’t put it down once i get going on it.
so that project is definitely going in my bag—with this in my hands, i won’t have any trouble making friends with people i don’t know, hehe.

ok, then i have my henley sweater, which i have been thinking about but not knitting on for the last few days—i feel like i got it to a good place and needed to do some other things over the weekend. sorry henley; i will totally hole up alone with you once i get to my mom’s, where whole evenings of solitary knitting enjoyment will be ours.

then there are all the other socks—remember last week when i said something about being sockless?? i think i went just a little overboard on correcting that situation.

i started a sock in this enchanted knoll BFL, which didn’t work out, so i put it aside for a bit. the other night i thought of something else that i think will work, so i ripped out the old cuff and started this new one. stay tuned—more to come . . .

now, here i have a ball of STR lightweight in a rare gems colorway that gail scored for me at last winter’s barn sale. this isn’t a sock quite yet—that is, i don’t have a photo of the cuff i knit from it at the moment. all will be revealed soon . . .

and don’t forget my safety project—the red scarf i showed you the other day, which keeps me from ever getting bored while waiting for anything.

now, don’t tell the henley about this next one—promise?? because really, i do intend to work on that little cabled sweater as much as i can. but . . .

i have david’s fatigue sweater all patterned up to start a new sample so i’m bringing that yarn too. i’m thinking that the sleeves would make good, portable knitting . . .
the henley doesn’t have to know, right? right??

and lastly, there is my cornrows hat and mittens set. don’t laugh, but i think this hat is too small. i might have to rip it out—i know—overcompensation, bane of the pinheads. i’ll throw it on a string tonight and try it on first, though.

i am also bringing an emergency skein of sock yarn in case i get all my projects done and am stuck without anything to do, or get snowed in, or cannot get to the yarn shop which is just a mile or two from my mom’s house (that would mean finishing two sweaters—one not even started—three pair of socks, mittens, hat, and red scarf. i probably won’t need it, but then it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

david printed and packed patterns to take to the retreat; i keep eyeing that pile and wondering if there are enough, hmmm.

i have a jillion other things to get together before thursday, but i feel good knowing that i won’t be scrambling to get my knitting in order.

the stupid squirrels all think david built them a house—they can’t get enough of this pile of old porch parts, hahaha. will they ever be surprised when it disappears some day . . .

now, it’s very late—actually, it’s tomorrow, darn it. time to go knit and try to relax my brain . . . i have a post to put up on thursday that’s a special treat for our travel day. i’ll be back on the weekend, hopefully with a report from the retreat.

hasta la vista, baby!

38 thoughts on “lord, i was born a ramblin’ man

  1. Loving the project bags, I need to get me some of these, my WIPS are all in black nylon carrier bags from the supermarket. Cheap, useful and REALLY hard to tell apart!

    Have fun on your trip.

  2. We’ll just have to call you Ramblin’ Anne, huh? I love the sensuous lines (and the name) of Flaming Desire. Your sock patterns are taunting (and tempting) me (a non-sock knitter) to make them!

  3. I’m overwhelmed reading about all you are doing! But road trips are the knitter’s delight, and I’m certain you will accomplish all you’ve set out to do.

  4. I MUST have the fire sock. Is it possible to fall in love with a sock? I don’t even care if we have to eat macaroni for a week. When that baby is available (other than just the teaser preview), it is going to be mine, all mine. Glorious. The others are all lovely as well and as usual, but you’ve outdone yourself with the Fire sock.

    Happy road tripping and Happy Thanksgiving. Look forward to your updates when you’re back. In the meantime, more fantasizing about the Fire sock …

  5. …the best part of traveling is being able to use all of one’s lovely project bags, don’t you think? Happy trails.

  6. Anne- Have a great trip. I adore those socks, and socks don’t usually excite me.

    Speaking of squirrels, we found a petrified one in an old wood pile- be careful when you’re removing that wood.

  7. So much eye candy! I love all the projects. The Mink Scarf and hat is totally gorgeous!! After the Holidays and the perfect b-day gift to myself I get some luxery yarn so I too can knit up something so delicious!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Only one skein of emergency yarn? You are gooooood. I need to learn to follow your example more often. 😉

  9. OMG Anne…I’m still giggling at that song…”I’m too sexy for my sock, too sexy for my sock, so sexy it hurts…” Of course that’s not what Right Said Fred says but it’s so funny to replace “shirt” with “sock”…LOL Love the name for the pattern…perfect! Have a lovely trip 🙂

  10. I love the sock, and the song it sings to you – that’s the ring tone when my sister Liz (aka the fashionista) calls me 🙂

    If y’all ever make it out this way for teaching/retreat/etc. consider yourself chauffeured, with an endless supply of chocolate and pumpkin treats, and wine! 🙂 Not too proud to bribe!

  11. Love to see you putting the miles on your bags!

    I think you have just the right amount of WIP’s for your trip. Not so many that you’ll risk ignoring one or two, and just enough to keep you busy! Don’t forget, there will be a marketplace for emergency shopping!

    I think Clara would look fetching in the purple mink set. You may never get it back!

    Love, love, love Flaming Desire. I can’t wait for that pattern to come out.

    Safe travels!

  12. I’m laughing at you bringing that extra emergency yarn ‘just in case you get everything else knit’. I always do that and then I never get to it-I never have as much knitting time as I think I will–and I know I don’t knit as fast as you do either. That sock picture is pretty risque by the way. Or I just need to get my mind out of the gutter 🙂

    Oh-you’d better be very careful about the Henley and the Fatigue sweaters not running into each other in the same bag while you’re gone. You might end up on a “Special Yarn Edition” of Cheaters. I can see you shielding your face from the camera while you try to explain why the Fatigue sweater is in your bag and your Henley threatens to leave you…

    Have a great trip-I’ll be looking forward to your ‘on the road’ posts.

  13. Am looking forward to your traveling posts, as always. Weather word: Stormy. Another Noreaster is said to be developing for this weekend. As Hill Street Blues is famous for, “Be careful out there!”

  14. Sometimes I think the best part of the trip is picking out the knitting to take – oh the possibilities! the delusions of knitting speed! (for me at least!)

    Have a great trip!!

  15. Oooohhhh….you have some lovely things to work on while traveling! I love that yarn that Gail got for you! Beautiful! How can you keep all those different items in their neat places in your head?? Enjoy your trip!

  16. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only person who packs WAAAYYY too much knitting for trips! 😉 The henley is looking stunning, but what I really want to know is, what’s that yarn for David’s sweater — I adore the colors!!

    Travel safely and have a great time!

  17. I”ve been to the Trumpet Hill Yarn shop in Albany–it’s a great little store. Too bad I won’t be able to be there to meet you!

  18. Alas, I decided I had to have this “desirable” sock, but when I clicked the link it doesn’t seem to be there. Does that mean it is gone, gone, gone forever? or will there be another chance?

  19. Wow – you are wicked organized! Have a blast and a happy thanksgiving.

    Now when’s that funky sock pattern going to be available? Love it!

    And the bags…I’m smitten by the bags.

  20. Flaming Desire is completely amazing! You are completely amazing! 🙂 Beautiful patterns just seem to spring from your fingertips.

  21. I marvelled at the list of projects you’re taking with – and yet another skein, “just in case,” LOL.

    But, I must ask – what is a “ribbing needle?”

  22. Sounds like you attack yarn and proejects for a trip much like I do. 🙂

    See you Friday! Looking forward to seeing you and taking your class Saturday. I think you are going to love this retreat…just sayin’

  23. just look at all those incredible projects!
    so many congrats on the recent demolition of the rattling railings.
    LOVE the mink scarf.
    and be still my heart, that flaming desire sock takes my breath away!!
    have fun at KR – have Clara & Jane give you a hug from me

  24. Don’t be upset, but flaming desire really reminds me of a beautiful cephalopod undulating in the water. Check them out; I think you’ll agree! My hubby is obsessed with cephalopods, squid, octopi, and those amazing cuttle fish.

  25. wow, 12 wips is a LOT! I mean, really! But heck, I’ve been so sick lately I haven’t been knitting period, so pay me no mind. Cough, hack, grumble…

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