Road Trippin’

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Anne and I are headed East again with a car full of yarn!

Yesterday we were busy at headquarters packing up samples,

swatches, and Bare Naked Wools

for the Finger Lakes Fiber Tour and Knitters Retreat.

Anne is teaching Yarn Voyage, Beginning Lace Knitting and Lace Scarf Project Class this weekend plus we are bringing a Bare Naked Wools pop up store! Join us Friday, July 26 from 7 – 9 p.m. at Finger Lakes Fibers (directions here) to peruse lots of BNWs samples and see which artisan yarn strikes your fancy.

We’ll be bringing Kent DK, Breakfast Blend DK and Fingering, Ghillie, Stone Soup Fingering and DK (yarns available here), plus a preview of Fall offerings and soon-to-be-released yarns!

I’m planning on taking my Fartlek WIP in Stone Soup DK to knit on in the passenger seat. The only knitting I’ve been doing lately is on short car rides or Tigers games with the fam.

Baby Knitspot seems to love the games, even in the ridiculous heat!

But I think he preferred the night game we went to in the rain a lot more!

What have all of you been up to lately? Any summer travel plans? Have you taken any Knitspot and/or Bare Naked Wools projects on the road? Well, maybe you should squeeze in a road trip to the Finger Lakes.

Anne and I would love to chat with you about yarn. You just might find your next project for the summer! Plus, we would get a kick out of seeing more Bare Naked [Wools] in Public (details here).

6 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. Baby Knitspot looks darling as usual. It’s good to see a picture–he’s grown so much! Finger Lakes sounds too fun–wish I were joining you!

  2. I’d love to have a good old rummage in those cases!! School finished here in the UK today, so I am planning a summer of knitting!! I have Wandering Thyme lined up for knitting in Greece, plus I’d like to try something more ambitious like Sprossling. I’d like to try more of the BN yarns, but have been stung by crazy import taxes recently when ordering things from the USA- my parcels have ended up costing me almost double the value of the contents. It makes me so cross!! It’s put me off ordering more as they seem to be really tightening up on things at the UK border. That’s another reason why I have gone pattern only, for fear of having hideous charges to pay each month!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Anyway, enough of my moaning! Have safe and happy travels!

  3. I’m done mostly traveling this summer! Already did a trip from south va to Chicago with a 2 month old that was enough! I’m more interested in what baby carrier that is? I’ve been very interested in them lately

  4. Baby Knitspot has grown so much, but adorable as ever! We’re taking our annual beach vacation in a couple of weeks. I’ll be taking the July Bare Naked installment for sure, Swan’s Wake either as a finished wrap or an almost-finished WIP, and most likely, Wheaten. I think it will be too hot to try my Chevre Stonewall on the beach, but we’ll see. In any event, it will be a Bare Naked (Knitspot) beach vacation! Have fun in the Finger Lakes!

  5. Have a great time in our beautiful area.
    Is the trunk show and pop up store Friday night open to anyone or only those registered for classes?

  6. You are a strong mama to be carrying that big guy around. My son was born around the same time (sept 4) and I gave up wearing him in the spring. I saw you from afar at TNNA and he sure looked content!!

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