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I have really fallen in love with Watkins Glen, New York. It’s a quaint four-block downtown with interesting shops, amazing local organic food at Wildflower Cafe where you can knit through lunch

and the best part of all…Finger Lakes Fibers on the main drag in the center of town.

Anne taught her first class there last night to kick off the Finger Lakes Fiber Tour & Knitters Retreat. It was completely full and you could hear a pin drop during most of it. Every student was enthralled with the information on yarn characteristics and their effect on knitted fabric in Anne’s Yarn Voyage class. Afterwards we opened up the Bare Naked Wools pop up store so retreaters could get first dibs on the yarn. And they ATE.IT.UP!

Later today Anne teaches Beginning Lace Knitting, followed by a trunk show of Knitspot shawl, scarf and sweater samples. Afterwards, the Bare Naked Wools pop up store is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC from 7 – 9 p.m., plus you can sit and knit with other Knitspotters. If you’re in the Finger Lakes area, please stop in tonight! We would love to show you all the artisan yarns, plus a couple that we haven’t even released yet in the Knitspot shop. Come see what Fall has to offer! Directions here.

12 thoughts on “Keeping it Local

  1. We love Watkins Glen. There are some great b&B’s there all within walking distance of the downtown. And the falls are gorgeous!

  2. Watkins Glen looks completely charming! Anne’s talk on fibers and petting her swatches is simply the best. I saw this presentation at Sock Summit but would love to see it again.

    Now Ms. Majordomo, you need to post some pictures of the darling Padraig!

  3. ~~~~Siiiiiiigh!~~~~ Would SO love to have attended. Hoping one of these days Anne will be near Kansas City – or maybe back in Dallas! Looks like such good times for everyone there!

  4. Sounds like so much fun!
    Liz in Missouri – I will be in KC for three days next week, any fiber stores that are a must see?

  5. Darn it! I’m reading this at 7:15 🙁 If only I’d read it this morning…I’d have grabbed a friend and driven over this evening! Soooooo close… I’m in my NYS house right now and it would have been great to meet you and Anne! Well, I might console myself with a trip to that shop soon anyway… Looks like a great time! 🙂

  6. Let me tell you though – you do NOT want to be there in 2 weeks! Nascar descends and it is a madhouse. When you go to BNW, you are not that far at all from several great wineries and also Fingerlakes Distilling (highly recommended) and don’t forget Two Goats Brewery almost across the road.
    I wish I knew you were here, Anne! I am not sure I can get over there today. I hope you enjoy your stay! Some year I will meet you in person! 🙂

  7. I would like it if Anne taught classes nearer to home! When is she going to teach classes in Canton?? Or at least Ohio? Her classes look like so much fun!

  8. I can attest to the full house. I tried to get a seat in the yarn voyage class. Guess, I’ll keep watching Anne’s calendar and find another one.

    I love to vacation in the Glen. So much to do, and lots and lots of wines to taste test.

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