BNK Signups are LIVE!

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BNK 2014 signups have begun! And we are celebrating opening day with a 24-hour sale!

Bare Naked Knitspot is a club we are all very passionate about. It explores the beauty of natural colors and typically features unique and artisanal yarns, often only available in small runs. Anne Hanson spends a great deal of time researching the history of the fiber, swatching the yarn, creating exclusive patterns, and writing an extensive chapter each month encompassing her labor of love and it is delivered via ebook.  Starting in February, receive six bi-monthly installments of yarn and chapters, plus a couple special goodies along the way. Every bit of this club is a surprise until it’s delivered to your mailbox. To give you an idea of what the club is like, I’ll give you a couple examples of previous installments.

BNK 2013’s February shipment was Snow Leopard Trust Handspun Camel. This yarn is handspun by Mongolian herding families and supports the effort to save the Mongolian Snow Leopard from extinction. For that month’s ebook chapter Anne created several projects highlighting the handspun properties of the yarn.

Caravan Blanket


Caravan Scarf/Wrap


Gobi Mittens and Cap


Anne often gives a variety of projects for the monthly yarn so people possessing a single dip of yarn can choose one that strikes their fancy. Or, for clubbies that have chosen a double dip of yarn they have enough to knit a few small accessories or the large/tall version of a shawl or wrap.

May 2013 was a custom spun 100% cheviot wool artisan sock yarn named Ghillie. Keeping with the traditional use of this fiber, Anne created a sock featuring the deep ribbing and horizontal knit/purl motifs of a classic gansey sweater


Hornpipe Gansey Sock

and a shawl with a plaid motif which segues into a series of classic gansey knit/purl patterns.


Cheviot Hills

To browse all the patterns from 2013, see the pattern library on ravelry here and to explore the offerings from 2012 click here.

Clubbies also chat each other up and cheer each other on in our swingin’ clubhouse on ravelry. There are spoiler threads (clubbies flash their shipments as soon as they grab them from the mailbox) and non-spoiler threads (clubbies that LOVE the element of surprise and don’t peek). I tend to sway towards the non-spolier thread, even though I’m involved in the purchase of all the yarns. But I try to tuck away that knowledge and try to be surprised. I’m still that kid that even though she knew where Christmas presents were hidden, she wouldn’t peek. I love surprises so much that Anne hides the final design from me and I see it for the first time in the ebook chapter. Isn’t she fantastic!?

The clubhouse is a really fun time and a great way to converse with other people that have the same passion for natural yarns. I am very drawn to beautiful colors, but through this club my eyes have been opened to the beauty of natural fibers

yarnA08_21 web

and the amazing palette they create. I love how Anne scours the earth for unique offerings and presents them in such a lovely fashion.

Won’t you join us on the wild adventure? Sign up today and take advantage of:

$10 off full memberships (and yarn add-on)

$20 off with extra yarn – the double dip

$2 off pattern only membership

Hurry…club memberships are limited! For more details, check out the BNK essentials page here.

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  1. I was so excited to renew my BNK membership last weekend that I accidentally clicked on ‘buy FIFC2013’ (which I am already a member of!! Duh!!) I am hoping that you guys are going to be able to transfer over my membership. I have emailed, but I think you have been busy with your Thanksgiving celebrations! I can’t miss out on this treat!!

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