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ok, SO . . . mona and stephanie at dye dreams have come up with an incredibly scrumptious new merino/cashmere/nylon blend yarn called classy sox. we are celebrating by using it in the design for the first installment of their 2009 four seasons sock club.

i asked for a cheerful, pick-me-up orange to design with, knowing that this sock would be coming to you in january—a pretty gray month in the north, yet the height of citrus season in the south.

and they came through with the perfect thing—a juicy, happy, orangey orange.
the only problem is, they canNOT think of a name for the colorway.

but they did think of a brilliant solution—they want YOU to pick a name for the orange yarn (not the sock).

leave a comment with your suggested color name(s) by midnight EST on tuesday, december 29th and i will compile a list, then trim it down to a shortlist (this part will be subjective, but as fair as possible).

i will publish the shortlist on december 30th and you can vote for the name that best represents this colorway (ONE vote per person, please; voting will close on thursday, december 31st, at midnight EST).

the contributor whose name wins the most votes will receive a gift of a gansey sock kit from dye dreams, to be shipped when the club kits go out in january.

orange you glad you stopped by??

346 thoughts on “name this orange

  1. Oh my gosh! Definitely yams. As I sit here I am eating a yam (orange) and rutabega (golden yellow) mash and it is the color of this yarn, sooo

    “Sweet Potato Rutabega Smash” (Definitely just rolls off the tongue). 🙂

  2. There is a bowl of Clemintines in front of me as I write, but I think “Clementine Cream” or “Clemintine Smoothie” is more like what I see in the yarn. I’m not an orange person, normally, but this is yummy!

  3. This color screams fun!!!!

    Mandarin Kiss

    Sunshiny Day (as in “It’s gonna be a bright bright bright bright Sunshiny Day”)

  4. Autumn Glow — reminds me of all the gorgeous colors of fall in the midwest, and the humongous harvest moons.

  5. L’Orangerie
    reminds me of laughter and fun during my student days in Strasbourg, France–there is a beautiful park called L’Orangerie in Strasbourg

  6. The color reminds me of bittersweet on the vine in the fall and winter,my suggestion is Bittersweet Twist. But it also reminds me of the powdered candy in the hollow, striped paper tubes–so another suggestion is Pixie Stick.

  7. Honeybell. I spent a wonderful January in Florida several years ago and discovered my favorite tangerine.

  8. I’m glad I don’t have to compile the short list!

    Here are three more suggestions:
    – Autumn Dream
    – Peeling the Sun
    – Sweet Potato Pie

    Sure is a beautiful color…

  9. Not sure if anyone else has said this as I have not had opportunity to read all comments but we just received a wonderful gift of oranges and grapefruit from Florida and for us it was a “li’l taste o’ sunshine” (especially here in the cold north!). So that’s what I would call it!

  10. I want to call it “mine” –

    Craving oranges and all warm colors in Minnesota:

    Minneola Mouton
    Orange Glow (wait, I guess you clean with that)
    Summer Solstice

    Have fun!

  11. So many good names already, but I have to try…here’s a few attempts

    mandarin fiesta
    orange fiesta
    orange push-up
    mandarin salsa

  12. Call it “Satsuma”.
    I’m from Louisiana, and this time of year the satsumas are so ripe and delicious. My dear sister sent me a bag for Christmas and they look just like that lovely yarn. Yumm, takes me back to my childhood.

  13. I think someone already suggested Clementine, I would just add “darling.”

    Darling Clementine

    hmmm or even drop the ‘L’ and make it:

    Daring Clementine (sounds a bit familiar, but has edge!)

  14. Orange Julius…..after the old beverage place that used to be in the malls…it looks like the orange drink that would swirl around in the old style machines!

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