a scholarship is born

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we’ll be back soon with a number—it’s a big one!
ETA:—drum roll—with a final contribution from david and me, we’ve hit a grand total of $4,000

HAPPY NEW YEAR, a JOYOUS 2014 from your knitspot family

27 thoughts on “GOAL!!

a scholarship is born

  1. They are so darling! I love their facial expressions! What a nice way to share such a wonderful gift.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Great news about the scholarship, but what I really want to say is THESE LITTLE GUYS ARE ADORABLE! I miss when my kids were these ages!

  3. Great news and so happy to have had the opportunity to be part of such a great effort. Thank

  4. Fabulous news! I love the announcement – great enthusiasm – I could hear them cheering through the iPad!

  5. Awesome! And I suspect that last blurry photo sort of sums up the experience of having those visitors? Too much fun to hold still! Love it.

  6. That’s wonderful! I’ll bet the kids will long remember helping to announce your contribution!!

  7. Awesome! You rock and you allowed all of us to rock too. The pictures are so spirited and fun–thanks to the boys for helping you make all of us feel special!

  8. HOORAY! We all rock, especially you guys! The boys always get right in the spirit:) Great photos! Happy New Year!

  9. Wonderful! And such a great cause. How long did you keep the boys busy coloring in the letters? You are a wise woman, Anne!

  10. Never underestimate the power of knitters! Great way to rock in the new year. The boys got it goin on!
    Happy New Year to all

  11. Talk about excitement. Those cuties say it all. Great job, congratulations, and Happy New Year!

  12. Oh these photos are just priceless! I wish I could have been there to experience the boys’ exuberance!

    Congratulations on raising such a great amount of money for the scholarship – I am proud to have contributed…

  13. Fantastic! Wonderful! We are so pleased to administer your generous scholarship and look forward to another great year. Thank you all very much.

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