A Treat for Mom

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Sunday is for celebrating mom. Or mum. Or mama. Or that super silly, yet endearing word you call her that means I Love You. Forever. No matter what.

To me, Mom is



unconditional love that bonds you no matter



or Squall


she is always there to



and Squeeze.


To celebrate moms, here’s a little gift – take $5 off Passion club with code 464F53CF (use by May 11). I know my mom’s heart would leap with a knitting club membership! Get the club skinny here and buy her a gift membership here. Want more ideas that would be a perfect last minute gift? Here’s a few…

Bay Leaf and Lime kit


Ivar kit


Wasp and Rose kit


Polartorte Kit


Fringetree kit


or there are loads of more kits here, or you can B.Y.O.K. (Build Your Own KIt). You know mom best, so you can pick out a pattern from the shop and pair it with yarn from our Bare Naked Wools line. Here’s a couple ideas to get you started…

Pick a color of Breakfast Blend Fingering


and pair it with







or choose any of these yarns and pair it with one of many shawls here and hats here.

If you have knitting time the next couple days, you could definitely get any of the following done by Sunday brunch with a little stash yarn.

Elm Leaves takes about 140 yards of lace weight


Cabled Keyhole Scarf takes about 130 yards of DK weight and would be nice in a summer blend


Bittersweet Vines – the whole set only takes 180 yards of worsted weight


and for a new mom, Barrel o’ Monkey knits up in a flash


and so does Sky Cap in a bit of of luxury yarn. I presented my new nephew with this lil hat in a Yarn Hollow cashmere/silk blend and it was a hit!

carterSkyCap web

Or you could treat mom to a pattern eBook of our clubs – BNK or FIFC – here and she can peruse her stash for the perfect pairing. Each eBook contains up to 17 patterns!


Mom might also enjoy the gift of a new knitting skill with an Anne Hanson class! She’s teaching at upcoming events here. Or you could gift her a Craftsy class, or help her block handknits professionally with Anne’s DVD here. And if you just can’t seem to find the right gift, you can always send mom on a shopping spree with a Knitspot gift certificate!

Whatever you choose for mom I know she will enjoy it and I hope lots of you get to spend time with your mom, grandma, or extra time with your kids. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I know I’ll be enjoying these guys on Sunday!


5 thoughts on “A Treat for Mom

  1. The way you began thismpostis so clever. However, where is the darling Padraig, Mom?

  2. Not being a very creative person I am always in awe of Anne’s beautiful creations – especially her shawls. Very nice post, Erika. Isn’t that little Padraig in the last pic? I’d know those chubby little cheeks anywhere. What a darling.

  3. What a lovely and clever post mis erica! We had a wonderful mothers day here, because i had a chance to enjoy my little man padraig and talented daughter erica, and some good friends and a cookout to boot!!

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