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a quick post today, with many thanks to paul and kristi, owners of eleganza yarns, for organizing such a wonderful event in frederick! the classes were exciting and fun, the fiber event was a big hit with knitters and other visitors, and the entertainment was an exceptional bonus to our visit.

their beautiful shop in historic frederick is a real gathering place for area knitters—they have a lot of enthusiastic friends and fans (and rightly so).

with a beautiful array of yarns, pattern, accessories, and a full range of class offerings, they work hard to participate in their community and create an atmosphere that makes the shop a tantalizing destination.

the fiber event this weekend was augmented by frederick’s monthly “first saturday” gallery walk—that event was suspended on the actual first saturday of this month due to the grand blizzard that occurred that weekend. it was rescheduled for this weekend, complete with ice sculpture, balloons, lights, and all the usual festivities.

we enjoyed bits and pieces of it saturday evening after the fiber event ended, as we made our way to a most delicious delicious ethiopian dinner at a nearby restaurant.
(it’s been a great trip for food—at this rate, we may not fit into the car to get home!)

on sunday morning, another group of knitters convened for our sock design class. this is the only picture i ended up with—sorry! what can i say; we were working hard.

we worked all day in this class, learning about what goes into a sock design and then swatching and crunching numbers to come up with something new.

afterward, we said our goodbyes at the shop and headed off to see james again for one more evening before heading off to our next destination.

in colombia, we were treated to yet another incredible meal—this time korean, at the lotte asian plaza food court. it sounds a bit pedestrian, but it’s one of james’s favorite places to eat and we have greatly enjoyed meals there in the past.

when we set out from ohio, david specifically mentioned that he’d like to have another bowl of seafood soup and noodles there. sunday is the day to go—that’s the time when lots of big, laughing family groups gather throughout the day to enjoy a meal together in the food court; it is always packed and the food is constantly fresh. mmm.

and ps: i haven’t forgotten about my knitting this weekend; it’s just been so hectic that i kept forgetting to take pictures (and, i’ve been kinda beat at the end of each day). back at the hotel after dinner, i put the finishing touches on my second longjohn sock

i’ve been using kristi’s shalimar zoe sock yarn to knit them—that is colorway catalina on the left and colorway cayenne on the right
i think we’re all set to go now with this pattern, as soon as i can get a few nice pictures. later today, i’ll ask david to model them so we can get the longjohn show on the road, heh.

today we head up to new york state. we’ll be visiting friends in the catskill region overnight and tomorrow, we’ll also be visiting with the fischers (YAY!) over lunch at CIA—i can’t WAIT to see them. this will be david’s first visit to the school and i know he’s excited (he’s a big fan of anthony bourdain, a graduate of CIA).

david also maybe chiming in soon to add a post about his day of wandering around washington with paul. they spent sunday in the capitol and i know he has a lot of photos.

see you at the next stop . . .

19 thoughts on “thank you, eleganza yarns

  1. That looks like a wonderful shop (I’m thinking it would make a nice day trip from here), and the whole weekend looks like it was a good time. I do hope David will post his pictures from the Capitol.

    Looking forward to the modeled longjohn socks and more about the next leg of your trip. 🙂

  2. The Korean food looks amazing! I work not far from Korea town in lower midtown. Must try it soon.
    Have fun with John and Nathalie tomorrow–wish I could be there.

  3. Looks like a fantastic trip Anne! That food looks delish…I so love Korean food too (heat & garlic – yum!) and now I want some…those dishes are making me drool.

  4. What a fun weekend–that table of yarn made me want to reach through the monitor. It sounds like you are being well fed and cared for on your trip. Enjoy the visit with your friends. It’s lovely here today–we had probably 4″ of fresh snow and it’s still up in the trees, so it looks like a marshmallow world right now. And my grandson saw a snowplow outside and got to run around the house yelling Mama! SNOWCLOW!! Gramma! SNOWCLOW!! He’s almost 2 and into all things trucks, dinosaurs and trains.

  5. I’ll confess, I was really surprised by Frederick. I’d never actually been before Saturday and had this vague notion of it as something of a cow-town county seat. Boy was I wrong! I’m definitely dragging my friends up to go to the Museum of Civil War Medicine and for Ethiopian food (yum)–not to mention Eleganza!

  6. What a cool trip you’ve had so far! I wish I could travel more myself, but dyeing is my weekend job, and my day job gets in the way, LOL.

    I hope to get to DC sometime. I want to see the Smithsonian.

  7. I learned at the sock design class and at your trunk show. Thank you. By the way, I have a new plan for my sock. I’m going back to the first swatch I did and use an eyelet pattern that I think fits with the soft color of the yarn. Of course, I’m not sure when I’ll make some progress, but I’m much happier with the current ideas. Safe travels.

  8. Anne, I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Frederick, whirlwind that it was! I enjoyed the class on designing socks and am already looking at stitch patterns in a new way! I hope the rest of your trip goes well – of course, I’m reading about the major snows in NY right now and more on the way…. Torre

  9. What a beautiful yarn store and it was perfect that they rescheduled their art walk. I think they knew you were coming and decided to do it that weekend, Hee, hee. Your Shalimar socks (the red orange one) is really pretty. BTW, I finished my FIL socks and posted in Ravelry. Fastest socks I have ever knit.

  10. Sounds like a perfect road trip. The yarn and knitting photos are always lovely, but I’m really envious about the food—we just can’t GET that kind of ethnic over here (although the Italian dishes are always good)! Give Anthony a wave for me at CIA, I’m a big fan of his, too.

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