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wa-a-ay back in february, while i was staying with my friend kim in sunny southern california, she told me she had purchased enough extra of our special edition festivus club yarn to knit a blanket, but she didn’t know what pattern she wanted to do.


i asked if she enjoyed knitting the FIFC club projects i had designed for this yarn and she said yes. i said, well then, i’ve been thinking of using those as inspiration for a blanket; why don’t i just put that together for you now?


and so i did. i don’t know if she ever started that blanket, but since the gauge was also perfect for our own confection worsted weight yarn line as well as the new-at-the-time kent worsted, i made a deal with our dear friend anne marie to knit a sample for us in confection.


i just had a feeling this would be very appealing to our readers and fans of our yarns. first of all, with such a great balance of knit and purl within the construction, if has lovely drape, especially in a smooth, semi-worsted yarn like confection.


the textured motif is wonderfully reversible and because the pattern ribs catch the light as they change direction, a delightful illusion effect is created by the natural sheen of high quality wool yarn.


besides all that, it is also super fun to knit—the motif is so engaging you just don’t want to put it down. it’s highly entertaining and yet, simple enough to work on through football games and other spectator sports.


but watch out—this sideline knitting could end up drawing quite a bit of attention, haha.


it makes a great gift for that kid who just left the nest for college—a little something to cover them with love while making such a big transition maybe?

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the dutch tiles page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


this lap-sized version above is knit in the cookies and cream shade of our confection worsted, a great choice for  someone who has some knowledge about washing woolens.

but for that recipient who doesn’t, why not consider easy care, worsted weight organic color grown cottonour version from ecobutterfly has a lusciously soft hand, beautiful drape, AND it’s completely machine washable and dryable.


barb knit up a sample swatch for us at the beginning of the summer so you could get an idea of what it looks like. a blanket like this would be an excellent addition to a summer house, boat, or sleeping porch extending your enjoyment of those favorite spots well into the fall.


(in fact, many of our blanket designs translate beautifully in heavier cotton yarn, especially in these sophisticated color grown colors, which are nature’s answer to neutrals)

yep, it’s time to knit a blanket; my fingers are itching for one, especially on these chilly evenings we’ve had—fall is definitely in the air now.


i think even our newest knitters are ready for a project like this—won’t you join them?

9 thoughts on “dutch tiles

  1. Anne, I just love this pattern and it would be perfect for a family member. I have a stash of ecological wool. What size needle would you suggest I use since it is a bulky weight yarn? Thank you, Karen.

  2. Love it! I think it would be so cozy in the cotton too, the definition in those swatches is great.

  3. I was gobstruck by the first blanket because it trulylooked as if ithad been knit in two colors!

  4. I love this blanket. I actually knit it twice last winter. Once in Confection and a much larger version in the beautiful red Festivus. I love that it is reversible and the stitch pattern is so addictive.

  5. It’s an additive pattern to knit and I love the stitch definition. Such a cozy blanket for upcoming cold! As usual the models look great.

  6. Yay! A blanket! I love this pattern and I am so ready for winter – hat, cowl, and mitts in that great red!

    Don’t laugh but I recently ordered some sage organic cotton from ecobutterfly with which to make a blanket for one of my kitty cats! You know, rather than looking at a towel as a perch cover 😉 this pattern is perfect!

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