eastward, ho

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i’ve always just loved the lace pattern that is the hem of the empreinte crescent shawl and now i have one in lusciously soft organic cotton lace—it feels like cashmere, but summery. mmm. even the name—forest mist—feels cool and fresh. i enjoyed every minute of knitting this project.

we are on the move today—david an i are traveling to albany for a visit with my mom over the holiday weekend. i had hoped to get a blog up before we left this morning but i just ran out of time—too many green beans to pick and square away, haha.

(i’m SO not kidding; i was out there as soon as it got light to pick whatever i could before we leave).


i did get my knits blocked and once we are there and settled, i’ll be back with a real post, hopefully late tonight. have a good day and see you soon!

9 thoughts on “eastward, ho

  1. Autumn is approaching fast in England. Hope the pattern for the beautiful throw that several people worked on as a wedding gift will soon be available!

  2. That cotton lace has been so lovely to knit with…I need to finish up my Wandering Thyme in the same colorway…then maybe another Empriente in something brighter!

    Have a lovely, safe trip!

  3. Have a good, safe and relaxing time away! I kept looking at that Empriente while you were knitting it last week in that luscious green cotton…guess that will be on my needles next.

  4. I am catching up with my blog reading in reverse, rather a bad move!! What is your Mum knitting right now? Did she ever knit the pink Briar Rose blanket you blogged about once?

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