days of wine . . . and wine!

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the first day of fall is just just a few days behind us, but wow, have things changed around here. i can’t get over how much more color has appeared in the treetops in just one week’s time


or how much the garden has died back


neither one a cause for regret in my mind, because both signal the onset of full-on knitting season and the flurry of excitement that goes with it. time to dive back into the stash and take account, make shopping lists for fall wool shows and shop excursions, and begin scheming upon holiday knitting strategies for later in the season.


i don’t know about you, but my own excitement about the advance of wool-wearing weather is somehow amplified by the fact that it is so closely timed to harvest season, when a rich variety of plenty can be had on all levels.


right now, when time is once again freed up for evening knitting and it’s cool enough to knit with wool in hand, is a good time to work through a much-desired selfish knitting project.



maybe you’ve been desiring to stretch your skills a bit with something a bit more involved or  make a larger shawl you can enjoy layering on when the weather turns truly cold.


these two pretty pieces will fit the bill; large, light and lacy, you can wear them loose and fluttery when the sun is warmer and you just need a light cover


or bunched up into a lovely pile of warmth around your neck and shoulders when the temperatures are a bit brisk. either would be stunning as an accent at the throat of a classic, plain coat.


featured in both rectangle and semicircle versions as our october club patterns last fall, they share a composition of grape leaves and trellises, set agains a background of garter stitch and mesh.


the semicircle, zinfandel, begins with a small number of stitches and increases outward to the hem through a “pi” construction; once you work an increase row, your stitch count and patterning will stay the same until the next big increase row. it’s kind of a nice break from a construction which increases constantly; you can decide about halfway through whether you want to knit the petite or tall version.


the rectangle, syrah, also can be knit in two sizes and begins at the center back with a provisional caston and is worked outward to the hem in both directions, resulting in a solid “body” punctuated by eyelets, with lots of lacy texture down near the hems—wonderful for scarfing up if you like.


shown here is the petite stole (above) and the petite semicircle shawl (below), both knit in briar rose stella, colorway days of wine . . . and wine!, which was a custom dyed colorway for our club.


we have a very limited number of skeins left in our bare naked wools boutique; too few to list in our online shop. please contact david to inquire, using our contact form at right.   ETA: all gone now, thank you!


if it’s the single pattern you’re after, click here to view more information about the zinfandel shawl or here to read about the syrah rectangle scarf/stole. you may also view them in my ravelry pattern shop—click here for zinfandel and here for syrah.


these patterns are also included in the 2013 fall in full color eBook, along with fifteen other accessory patterns from the 2013 fall color collection—that’s a lotta patterns! anyone looking for a knitalong around these designs need not look further than the ravelry clubhouse where our color clubs meet—all are welcome and appreciated.

either of these beautiful shawls would be cushy and delicious in our chebris lace yarn or mrs lincoln’s lace.


i’ll be back tomorrow with a wrap up post about our wonderful grand opening party; stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “days of wine . . . and wine!

  1. This was my favorite piece from the FIFC club. I just love everything about it. The color is amazing IRL, and the construction was totally new to me. Knitspot clubs are the BEST!

  2. Your take on the changing seasons is delightful! And, you are right–prime knitting season is upon us. One of my knitting friends has chided me for making too many shawls/scarves, so I am curious. Do you wear your shawls/scarves often? I have decided I am going to wear a black turtleneck with shawl most of the time!!!

  3. Beautiful! I am ashamed to say that I have not made mine from the club as of yet, But, I heard that the barge with our household goods has arrived and I think I will be casting on once I uncover my stash in all the boxes. Actually it will be easy to find as my yarn is in clear totes. Waiting to see more pictures from your weekend Grand Opening.

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