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old man winter is a sassy thing isn’t he? thinks he can get us down by thumbing his nose at us one last time as we show him out the door—HA.


yes, we woke to quite a little scene this morning, after half a week of sunny, lovely weather.


still, i can’t complain—spring is coming at me like a freight train all of a sudden. when we left town last thursday the yard was still covered in a deep layer of snow, but by the time we returned on sunday, it has disappeared. i noticed on my way into the house that garlic was sprouting in all directions from it’s hump in the garden.


the weather has definitely broken for good—though we are still having nights in the 20s, i don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of those single digit temperatures, thank goodness. and though these photos look quite gray, we actually had some brilliant days this week.


and even from the gray we get hints of something bright and cheerful; solomon’s seal is up. in fact, springy growth is pushing up out of the soil at an eager rate in every corner of the garden. i don’t know if we are quite ready to think about all that yet, but the warning has been issued—time to get things in order.

tulips, hosta tips, daffodils, and hyacinth are all making an appearance. did not see crocuses though; i wonder where they’ve gotten to?

and of course, training must pick up for spring races; i have been sluggish on getting back to my usual spring running routine. february really did a number on my schedule and i need to get back into my happy place with it.


speaking of happy places and nice weather, we have organized a summer retreat for wooster weekend (memorial day weekend). classes and activities will take place here in canton (about a half hour from the show grounds) at the lovely mcKinley grand hotel—which has tons of space for a gigantic knitters gathering.

we have been having trouble with the signups page for a few days and we are working on it—thank you for your patience!! 

in the meantime, please don’t worry that you have missed out on getting a seat. if you are making plans and want to be sure, we will be happy to take your reservation and invoice you by email (davidATknitspotDOTcom or servicesATknitspotDOTcom). you may click here to read all the details; online signups will be available as soon as we can fix it!

6 thoughts on “it’s time . . .

  1. I’m over in Rootstown, so about 30-40 min from you. I woke up to flurries this morning, and then it just shifted to rain. Looks like you got a bit more icy stuff than we did… I have to say, the warmer, sunnier days have had me thinking I’m running out of time to spend afternoons knitting indoors, in front of the fireplace. Once it gets warm and sunny, more of that time gets spent out in the garden…

    Btw – I heard mention of you on a back episode of the podcast the other day! Just started listening to it, and it was neat to hear a “local celebrity” get mentioned!

  2. Our Spring is a good few weeks ahead of yours. I love this time of year; there are new discoveries in the garden on an almost daily basis. Hope you will be able to get into a good running routine again. Mr JK ran his second half marathon last weekend in 1:57:49 so was very pleased. One day I hope to be able to take some of your fabulous classes!

  3. Your garden is well ahead of ours in the NW corner of Ohio. Nothing’s poking up yet in the garden although most of the snow piles have finally melted. We do have snow mold in the yard but I don’t really count that as a growing thing! The late start to yard work does mean a bit more knitting time.

  4. Ughhhh we had snow all day here too but luckily it’s not much, should melt off easily! Darn winter doesn’t want to let go.

  5. Incredible to see your garlic poking through the snow! Mine is buried under several feet of snow still, and, it’s snowing now. Spring does not exist in Maine. But, it’s good and cozy weather for knitting sweaters, haha.

  6. There are many harbingers of spring in Colorado, but as my niece says, our weather is bipolar! We can always look forward to a blizzard in April, and possibly even May. Oooh, I read the link to your retreat. How many would be attending if it fills up? I have several friends who might be interested and will get in touch ASAP.

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