summer peas make me feel fine

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hello summer! with all of its plenty, the season of warm sun and fresh abundance is here. let’s parade it in with another pattern released from the 2014 BNK club—this time, two light-as-air shawl or scarf designs from the chapter celebrating luxurious cashmere.


pea trellis is a pretty crescent in three sizes that is knit from the hem up, beginning with a fetching cable and lace pattern that forms natural scallops along its bottom edge.

soft as a cloud in a luxury fingering yarn, it is shown here in cashmere (mini size), but is equally gorgeous in blends containing mink, musk ox (quiviut), yak, bison, mohair, silk, and well, the list goes on.


petit pois is the rectangular version of the same design, also presented in three sizes from scarf to large stole; the version shown here is a hybrid of the tall stole width and the petite stole length.


as you can see, this duo makes the perfect mother/daughter or BFF set—not too matchy-matchy, but close enough that they identify you as connected forever. what a beautiful gift for a bride and her mom.


both pieces are as versatile as they are beautiful—while shown as summer accessories here, do not let their airy weight deceive you into thinking they won’t work hard for you all winter as well—lace can be warmer than solid fabrics in fact—and luxury fibers even more so. part of their luxury is the fact that they are so very functional.


i think these were quite a favorite with club members last summer and no wonder; the motif is easy to learn and knit, making either project a good traveler for summer vacation, days at the cottage, or quiet afternoon knitting time at home when the kids are away at camp.


to freshen things up, erica has created a kit for the pea trellis design, subbing in yarn from another BNK chapter—soft, silky chambery mink. the shade is nearly identical and the fabric is slightly different but equally luxurious, with a heavenly halo. a nice change of pace if you’ve already knit up one in the cashmere option and if you haven’t tried a mink yarn yet, you will experience it at its best working with the natural fiber.


if you’d like the standalone pattern for the pea trellis crescent, please click here to purchase or to view information in our online shop and click here to find the pea trellis pattern in my ravelry pattern shop.


you can also find the pattern for the petit pois lace stole in our online shop as well as my ravelry pattern shop.

these patterns along with seventeen additional designs for luxury yarns in natural  shades are included in the BNK 2014 eBook—a great value. shop our entire selection of eBooks and club yarns in our online store

you can see various yarn ideas and size options by spending some time browsing our club project pages here for petit pois and here for pea trellis as well!


it’s the perfect summer project, both to knit and to wear—why not start one now?

12 thoughts on “summer peas make me feel fine

  1. Yup, a reminder to get back to my Petits Pois scarf…as soon as I finish up my blanket strips. So many gorgeous projects to tempt me!

  2. This was my favourite of the club patterns, so why haven’t I managed to knit it yet?! If only work didn’t get in the way of my knitting time, life would be so much easier!

  3. Decisions, decisions–which are lovlier, your gorgeous models or the sumptuous design variations?

  4. One of my many favourites. I really should finish my third Pea Trellis and cast on for a Petit Pois…love, love, love!

  5. I managed to trade for that cashmere and it was amazing, ah another set of patterns I need to get to…

  6. I did the crescent and just love it. Thanks Erica for the chambery suggestion, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do wth that, it will be the stole!!

  7. I forgot that I still have this yarn in my stash and this pattern awaiting me! What a comforting feeling. Wonderful things still to come.

  8. A delicate summer green would be lovely. The pattern is beautifully delicate.

  9. I made this! I actually finished it! (this is me patting myself on the back). I finished it while we were in Iceland, so I think of it as my Iceland Pea shawl. I love it. LOVE IT!!

  10. Gorgeous! I can’t help wanting to make Petit Pois in color, though – think how beautifully it would show off a red, or a blue, or . . .

    Love the post’s title!

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