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with hints of crisp weather in the evening air and a big yarn sale starting tomorrow on our legacy breakfast blend DK (fingering too!), we all agreed this would be the perfect time to open pattern sales for my mayan puzzle jacket.


this design has been trying to get out of my head and onto paper ever since i published the aztec mazes pullover some years ago, but i had a secret longing to rework it in winter white—i just thought that would be stunning, you know?


well it was some time before the right cream yarn came my way and not until we began spinning our own brand that i finally had it in my hands. almost hilariously, i now have several options that are perfect for this design, among them Ghillie sport/DK (shown above in cream), kent DK (shown below in beach glass), breakfast blend DK (25% off starting tomorrow!), and luscious confection sport.


the choice of using kent DK was made by our friend katharine, who knit the gorgeous sample that brad is wearing in the photo above. i wasn’t sure the kent would have the right amount of body for this design, but wow—i had nothing to fear; it’s just beautiful. and so light and airy with lots of bounce—thank you katharine!


i actually got serious about getting this pattern published when we started carrying the ghillie sport/DK—this was the yarn i dreamed of. close on its heels came the confection sport and it, too, is a perfect choice. both of these yarns are light and springy with a hard-wearing 3-ply construction that offers excellent stitch definition.


when we received our sample in ghillie knit for us by kathy in size small, tears literally sprang to my eyes as i pulled it out of the box, so perfect a match it was to the picture i held in my head for this design (thank you kathy, from the bottom of my heart).

i’ve been having a lot of fun styling it, since it fits my dress form so well.


last night i sewed on the buttons, which i chose from our selection in natural materials—i liked these two-tone buffalo horn ones with this yarn, but we have several that will work.


the ones katharine’s beach glass sample are simple black horn, for instance.


and then there is this knockout version knit by anne marie in briar rose wistful—isn’t that gorgeous? BTW you can see this one and our ghillie sample in person if you visit our booths at this weekend’s michigan fiber festival.


this is size medium and in the draper alpaca/silk/merino blend, it has a looser, more relaxed fit; if you choose a yarn like this and you are between sizes, it’s probably best to stick with the smaller size to allow for that relaxation.


the sweater is knit in one pice to the underarms, then divided to work the yoke and shoulders. it has a looser, less tailored construction known as a modified drop shoulder (or t-shape), but the cable detailing along the side seam area and armscye helps to stabilize the shape.


the entire garment is characterized by its texture—strong and defined, it is fun to work and makes a great statement.


i had thought that it wouldn’t be appealing as a “guy” jacket, but again i was wrong—it is smashing and some guys will totally rock that look.


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


looks like we’re going to have some terrific weather for the show this weekend—if you are going, please be SURe to stop by to say hi andsnap a photo with us!


17 thoughts on “mayan puzzle

  1. Oh MY Gosh! That is another awesome pattern/design Anne!

    I love it & I’m itching to buy Bare Naked YARN, but must wait until the move…it’s killing me, I say, killing me!

    Bravas to Katharine, Kathy & Anne Marie! Gorgeous knitting ladies!

  2. Stunning. I am about to embark on Gearhead but this will be next! Love everything about this sweater/jacket- and so many great BNK yarns to choose from!

  3. Love this! Already bought the pattern. I think I have enough Kent Dk in White Sand, but the Beachgrass is so beautiful…

  4. It was a fun and fast knit. I promise, and seaming was a breeze. I was so excited to finally have the chance to wear it in NY by the lake on those cold summer evenings. I had so many compliments but the credit goes to Anne. I just did what she told me to do in the pattern. I love the pictures so much. Amazing to see how well a cute guy can wear it too. Hubba hubba!!!

  5. This is one of the most stunning cardigans I ever seen! I can feel that it’s knitted with the high quality yarn. It’s so beautiful! If my dad was still alive,I would definitely knit this for him. 🙂

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