so there, dave!

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this post is so late—can we just pretend that it is yesterday again? YAY! thank you! now i can show you some pictures from debbie’s birthday party that we had in knitting class last night! here she is with her cake

can you see where she inadvertantly dragged her knitting needles, and nearly her whole sock, through it in her excitement to get to the frosting?

yeah, man—ain’t nothin’ like gettin’ hooked up . . . sorry, debbie! i asked susan, and she said i should post it, since you liked her picture so much!

ok, so enough of teasing debbie (he-he-he . . . for now, that is).

let’s tease dave!
now dave, apparently, has gotten the idea that i knit too slow (whoa there, debbie; give the guy a chance to speak!)

Those camo socks are coming along quite nicely. Let’s see … how long have been knitting them? I think I’ve lost track. It’s nice to find someone slower than me 🙂 (Mind you, I didn’t make a dress in the mean time – LOL)

ok, i’m going to give dave the benefit of the doubt, and just assume he missed that post where i carefully explained (and justified!) my “system”.

those socks are my desk sox!! slow progress means i am busy, working really hard at my JOB (or possibly, at the other nine projects i might have going at any given moment)!
but as we all know, sometimes i catch a break. sometimes i have a day during which all i do is push the buttons to watch files print and upload. i can knit a needleful or a row while i wait, and before i know it, the sox look like this

and i just can’t be ashamed of my knitting, no matter how sporadic, far-fetched, or deadline-oriented it gets. soon i will round up all my current projects for another photo shoot and progress rundown!

this week, i turned in two book projects, so i actually got some real work done on those sox (for a change). i was comparing the size to to my own sox (autumn spiral sox using Briar Rose sweet freedom)—i do not have a small foot, by any means, but i feel positively dainty when i see how small my sox are next to david’s! and here, today, are the camoSox finished:

i keep calling them camoSox, but they are really more like sea glass, or woodland colors. and actually, the shop FINALLY got the order of Lorna’s Laces that we all have been waiting for, so i grabbed some of the camoflauge colorway for another pair! i know they are david’s favorite colors.

and guess what the universe did?
played a little trick on me, that’s what! remember how i was crowing about my green striped socks matching up so perfectly the other day, in a completely randomly, wanton act of sync? well, that evening, right in class, didn’t fate make a liar out of me—look at this

really now! don’t you think that was just . . .so . . . unnecessary??
i don’t really care for perfectly matchy stuff, it’s not that; it the making such a fantastic LIAR out of me with such promptness that irks me so!

i have clean, dry coopworth sock yarn to show you

i just wish you could feel this—it’s as soft and poofy as it gets! look at the difference between that clean yarn and the same one just after spinning. it almost looks like DK weight now, but i know that it’s all air.

still, this is the moment that i begin to selfishly covet the yarn to envelope my own tender feet (you know, give it to someone who really understands it)—and i don’t have any plain dark brown sox, either . . . need another picture for clarification? oh look! here’s one where it is about to float away of its own accord

sorry; see, this is what happened to me when we didn’t end up with any kids!

i also received something very nice today in the mail! see, i won a bit of a prize in claudia’s prize patrol for her MS bike ride. from Carole

this yarn is just lovely! i never knit with it before, but it feels silk soft and the colors are gorgeous! it feels like fleece artist merino, and has a similar texture. thank you carole!

5 thoughts on “so there, dave!

  1. LOL! I was just teasing you because I’m feeling guilty for not yet having finished a certain project I’m working on. Your output quadruples mine anyday. So … when you gonna finish those green stripey ones? 🙂

    For the record, I have a “system” too. It’s a delicate balance between hours/minutes/seconds available, brain cells free and functioning, easy bits vs. complicated bits, good tv or no tv. I think my works-in-progress pile compares very well with yours, but no, I won’t get into a contest!

  2. Don’t you listen to anyone who implies you don’t knit quickly enough! If that were true, the rest of us would be in deep doo-doo. Sigh.

    LOVE all the sock yarn porn!

  3. Our little Debbie – we got ya! Happy Birthday cutie!!
    If Anne knits slowly…there wouldn’t be any words to describe the rest of us! Most of us! Some of us!

  4. UGH case anyone wonders, YES, I DO look THAT dorky in person…I had the BEST birthday with the BEST friends anyone could EVER ask for. I am one lucky gal I tell ya. Thanks Anne, Beth and Beckie….you all are so very special to me!!
    Oh, and the socks sort of clashed with the icing huh? heehee!!

  5. I love the camosox. What yarn and colorway are they? I’m thinking they might look good as Pomatomus socks.

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