a lunchtime quickie

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i didn’t get to knit much yesterday because i was working on the shawl pattern. the shawl went together very well; i did not need to fudge anything or use any obscure tricks to get the patterns to fit together. but still, writing it all up in a way that a knitter will appreciate is an arduous and exhausting endeavor.

well, let’s be frank: i obsess. i do.
and that probably makes pattern writing harder.
that’s not to say i don’t make mistakes or that there aren’t typos sometimes (yeah, why is that anyway? that you can be totally OCD about doing something and still have mistakes? HUH??). and please—don’t even talk to me today about patterns that need 8 different sizes!

i think it’s good to be a knitter if one is somewhat obssessive and/or compulsive. it’s my “outlet”. it keeps me off everyone else’s back.
but in pattern writing, sometimes it drives past the point of sanity. sometimes not, but most of the time it does.

however, today, all is well. i have the pattern more than half-written, enough to get debbie started on a test knit. we are both knitting doll shawls to test all the instructions.

i LOVE this idea! i love it so much right this minute that i think i will include it in the pattern. and i love this color. this is some nasty old Nylamb sock yarn from years ago, that made awful socks. it’s ok for this sample though. it can be another gift for my littlest niece. i think it will fit cabbage patch or an american girl doll.

i guess it’s our month for new appliances—this arrived yesterday

i was so impresed with the one annie modisett showed us in her class, that i guess i gushed to david about it, and i guess he found one on ebay. i can’t WAIT to block something with it!

the brownTreXX desk sock and i trekked outside in the five minutes between rainfalls to sit on the bench out back

the garden is getting HUGE!
well i gotta run to class now—oh!—did you want to actually see the sock and not the garden . . .

later, bye!

8 thoughts on “a lunchtime quickie

  1. Writing up a pattern can be such a pain! I don’t envy you the task. Especially if you’re doing charts too. But you’ll be glad you did it in the end!

  2. That is a lovely shawl. Pretty, without being too fussy or busy for my Amish essential nature. Nice work!

    P.S. Can you *believe* le Tour today?

  3. Hi Anne! Today we were able to get connected!Oh how I miss out knitting conversations and class. The server is sooo slow so we are unable to see the shawls. I know the white one is just heavenly!
    Ohhh, like the test shawl! The yarn, the color, and the pattern! Anne- you are so gifted!!! Downloaded your pattern book before leaving on vacation – the patterns are awesome! Can’t wait to begin to knit another one.Your patterns are written so clearly and the projects end up just like the picture!! This is not always the case..if you know what I mean. Keep dry with all of those Ohio showers.

  4. Much better to take your time over it and get it right, than to publish corrections later on. No worries, I can wait. I have a shawl to clear off the needles first anyway!

    p.s. I think mine will be red… delicious deep red. 🙂

  5. *I* want to see skirt process even if it is two rows…. I think its my catty bitchyness that can’t wait for you to finish it…. I’m looking forward to potentially pointing and laughing at the potetially sweaty and potetially saggy bottom region…. But I’m also really hoping you managed to make *THE* skirt pattern that actually works….

    Oh btw this is me poking you to write more about spinning see *poke* write about spinning *poke*

    Okay ill stop being a mean friend now…


  6. Really love the idea of knitting a doll’s shawl. My daughter would be thrilled with that, and it might be a good way of tackling a shawl for the first time.

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