christmas in any key is fine

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the other night when i got home from yoga class and stepped out of the garage, i noticed a to-do across the street—music and festivities to ring in the holidays.


santa was shaken’ it and even abbey the dog was a-waggin’ her tail to the sounds! i dropped my things inside the door, grabbed the camera and went over.


our neighbors were caroling, this year with extra instrumentation in celebration of our unseasonably warm temperatures.


bret had already told me earlier in the week that his holiday display was going to be very low key this year . . .


but i never dreamed it was gong to be THIS low key, haha.
seriously bret, i think you missed a spot.


oops, nope, i’m wrong—there’s the tree in all its glory after all, with lights to the tips of its branches. well done.


while the skiing polar bear, elves on a ladder, and other characters are sleeping through this year’s show, the addition of a new disco light show adds that extra layer of sparkle to fill the gap. santa at least, seems perfectly happy with things the way they are.


after a bit the merry marauders headed back to the streets—maynard and bruce are neighbors and brothers—they’ve been playing together for years and years (you’ve seen them in photos of other events, like the neighborhood coffee house and the summertime driveway blue grass party).


soon the band showed up on our front doorstep, where they played to david (who sat at the dinner table inside) and to me while i snapped some more photos outside. fortunately, they don’t mind being blog fodder.


after a bit, they headed down the street to the next house, leaving echoes of christmas cheer in their wake (along with a little bag of chocolate goodies, thank you!).


wherever you are on this night of nights and whomever you’re with (and however they’ve decorated), i hope you are having a warm, peaceful, and fun couple of days to relax and enjoy the moment.

much peace and love,

12 thoughts on “christmas in any key is fine

  1. Merry Christmas to the whole Knitspot crew! Bret did a great job, and now with live music. Ha, ha. You’ve got such a creative enclave in your neighborhood. Seems just the place for you, Mr. Knitspot and your ever expanding creativity.

  2. Anne and David, you are a huge inspiration to me. Jane Goodall said, “what you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” I am so grateful for the choices you’ve made, as it brings me joy, creative adventures and plain old fun. This year I am planning on making some career changes. Anne, I hope the changes that I make will provide me with the profound creative satisfaction that I imagine that you enjoy. On so many levels I appreciate your diligence, dedication, professionalism, creativity and talent. Wishing you many blessings…

  3. Blessings and Thank you for sharing your business and your life in your blog you have provided me with inspiration, instruction and support through the year & I look forward to 2016.

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you! Such a pleasure to share your neighborhood celebrations…thank you for taking time out of your holiday to blog for us.

  5. Always a treat to see Brett & Connie’s home in its festive attire! Loved the addition of the music this year.

    Merry Christmas, Anne and David! Many thanks for all you do to enrich the lives of those of us in the knitting community. We are blessed!

  6. Oh, thank goodness we get to see the decorations. I was so worried that you weren’t going to post them this year. I look forward to Brett’s decorations. I know he hasn’t been feeling so well, but please encourage him to keep us all happy.
    Merry Christmas to you and your team.

  7. Your neighbors certainly know how to rock the holidays. Thanks for sharing and for your kind wishes for these days! We share those good wishes with you!

  8. I want to live in your neighborhood. You may be Plan C. Plan A is to move to Canada, Plan B is to move to Vermont with Linda Diak (she doesn’t know that she is Plan B yet).

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