eve in eden

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eve in eden was the first pattern designed for our recent ENVY club and i know many knitters who were not members have been anxiously waiting for its general release, so here it is!


this asymmetrical wedge-shaped shawl, rich in twining leaf and vine motifs was an immediate hit, due in no small part to the gorgeous milky wool yarn dyed especially for us in the extra virgin colorway by christine of skeinny dipping yarns.


oh, the slinky, sexy softness and drape it has! truly just the perfect thing for a summer weight shawl that screams luxury.


the stitch pattern is a little complex, but also pretty easy to master for the adventurous knitter and whatta lotta bang for your buck at the end, eh?


because even while needing a wee bit more attention to execute, the construction is so much fun that the piece fairly flies off the needles.


the secret is that it gets smaller as you go, speeding up the work exponentially—before you know it, you are racing to the finish.


the pattern includes two sizes, a two-skein tall size (shown here) or a one-skein scarf/shawlette.


using a yarn with a soft sheen will make the most of the shadowing pattern cast by the large leaf motif.


to purchase pattern or view complete details, please click here to check out the listing in the knitspot pattern shop or here to view it on ravelry.


i have been traveling again in colorado—which is why i almost forgot to release this pattern. i’m filming a new craftsy class this week! i arrived a few days early to spend time with my friends luci and scott in ft. collins and they treated me to some wonderful hiking and sightseeing trips to the state and national parks. we barely sat still for a moment while i was there, so i’ve got tons of news and photos to share with you in the next few days—and knitting too! i’ll be back soon with all of that.


12 thoughts on “eve in eden

  1. Hey, wait – I didn’t hit “submit”, I swear.

    That is a GORGEOUS color. That’s what I meant to say!

  2. Nice jolt of springtime here in the photos…and I suspect in high contrast to your Colorado images to come!

    I so enjoyed knitting Eve in Eden…lovely to see it again.

  3. This was a really fun knit. I was stopped in NYC twice by admirers. It is quite modern, especially in this strong luminous yarn. Love it!

  4. I can see why people have been waiting for the design to be available. And that yarn? I look terrible in green and I think that glowing color might even look good on me, it’s really a different green. Great marriage of design and fiber.

  5. What a lovely shawl. But I did not see leaves entwined. I saw butterflies, each leaf on either side of the vine, a wing.

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