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i don’t have much today and i need to make it quick, because i have a bunch of very ripe tomatoes that need attention—you can’t stop mother nature when she’s ready to give. these red, ripe tomatoes will be perfect for paste, now that i’m pretty well stocked up on puree for the winter.

but i do have a couple of quick finished items to show you that i’m excited about.

first, the pea shoots stole arrived from karolyn yesterday and it’s a beauty (that’s the working name; i’ve yet to settle on a good title for the pattern, so if you have any ideas, let me know. short and sweet is best!).

isn’t it just beautiful in this rose color? like the pea vines triangle, this is knit in woolen rabbit pandora, a bamboo/merino blend, in a colorway kim revived recently, called sweetheart (i don’t see it on her site at the moment, but i’m sure she’s offering it).

this turned out beautifully i think; now we just need to take some photos and it’ll be ready for release. i’m aiming for friday . . .

finishing work takes hours and hours, but it’s worth it—i’ve been so focused on the finishing of my bel air sweater that i haven’t knit much on my other projects, but focus is good

because now, i have a new finished sweater—i can wear it to rhinebeck . . .
i just love it! my dress form is a little bigger than i am in the shoulders and bust, so the fit is a bit distorted here, but you get the idea. and i had the right buttons after all; dark gray shell with hints of blue and green.

i’m VERY pleased with how it feels on—it’s fitted, but not snug and very comfy. the fabric, knit in spirit trail sunna colorway green velvet, is luxurious against the skin. another piece to add to the pile for photography (i’m working as fast as i can to catch up, i swear).

and that, as they say, is that—time to think about the next projects. i have a couple pieces of secret knitting i’m working on, plus the wristlets, but i’m definitely starting a new shawl in the next couple of days that’s more complex and lacy. something to sink my teeth into. and i think another sweater is in order, but i’m not sure what—should i finally make the sweater coat i’ve been yakking about for three years (it would come in handy for my winter travels), or should i finally reknit my bathrobe sweater (i have the yarn and i know i’ll wear that a lot).

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  1. I’m ahead of you on tomatoes this morning, having just put a few quarts in the freezer, but I’m behind on the knitting. Not surprising – you’re a wonder! The pea vines design is just beautiful, and I look forward to both that and the sweater pattern becoming available!!

  2. Pretty shawl, but it’s the sweater that I’m really eying – I am excited for the pattern so I can knit that one!!

  3. Pea Shoots is a stunner. A must knit for me. I’m working on socks for holiday presents, but I may have to add one more project to the list. Love the color. Kim has great colors. I may have enhanced my stash lately with Kim’s yarns.

    Your Bel Air is so you, Anne. I know you’re going to love wearing it.

    I think you should do an updated version of your bathrobe sweater : ) We could all use a sweater coat.

  4. I think with that color especially you should name it Sweet Pea. It reminds me of the vine that curled up the window screens when I was a kid. Love the Henley. I vote for the coat. I want one and have not been able to find a pattern I like. I love everything you do.

  5. I’ve discovered and been following your blog lately because I’m absolutely in love with your patterns. They are all so beautiful and so exactly to my taste that I think I have projects in mind for ages to come. The only problem will now be which will come first – the shoots or the vines? I love the sweater (wouldn’t even come close to fitting me) and can see that it is something my daughter will be needing one of these days soon.
    We’ve been enjoying the last of the tomatoes and squash here, too. Soon it will be pumpkin time and the fresh fall air will be inspring me to cut them up and stew them down for fresh pumpkin pies. I love autumn.

  6. Oh that sweater is marvelous! I can’t wait to see more pics. I so appreciate that you design your patterns in a wide range of sizes. This is going on my list. That makes 3-4 sweaters of yours that I’d like to do. Enough already! I’ll never catch up… 🙂

  7. Both of these are beautiful! I can see the Henley on you. Perfect!

    Love the scarf! I second the name Sweet Pea 🙂 Kim’s new color is lovely, but I can also see this in rich golds or corals or violet or…. 😉 And I vote for the bathrobe sweater, too.

  8. Love the Bel Air sweater, I love how deep the buttons go on the front for the henley, makes it a great option for wearing a cami or tank underneath it. I just might have to add this to the “to do” list somehow this fall.

    Sweet Pea is a cute name..when I looked at the stole it thought of Pea Tendrils immediately for some reason.

    I vote for the comfy sweater..we all need those from time to time 🙂

  9. Oh, Bel Air is divine! I can’t wait to knit it! I am working on Henley with a Twist and Bel Air can be my winter weight Henley. It’s gorgeous Anne!

  10. The stole and the sweater are both gorgeous, as are the yarns themselves. I roasted a pan of cherry and grape tomatoes last night – so proud of myself:) (Not from my garden, of course, but from the farmers’ market)

  11. Love, love, love both the sweater and the stole; the designs are gorgeous! The stole reminded me of tendrils as well and it is such a sweet, delicate design it should have a lovely name to match.

    If only work didn’t interfere with all the knitting I’d love to be doing, but I am amassing a great collection of your patterns for later. I did actually finish the Port Ludlow socks (love them too!) and Tudor Grace is growing nicely. So should it be Pine & Ivy or Pea Vines next? –such decisions.

    Thanks for a great blog and beautiful designs.

  12. Please do the “bathroom sweater” since I have been wanting such a sweater–something a bit less fitted for those of us who need a little more space!

  13. Gorgeous as usual…the stole AND the sweater! A little different “perspective” on naming the stole…it reminds me of raindrops, trickling down my picture window, and the botanica just beyond…

  14. Love the sweater – another one for the list, methinks! But first I need to make Henley. I think a good name for the Peashoots stole would be ‘Potager’, since it is a little like a small kitchen garden.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to make the Bel-air or the stole. I love seeing the progression of your designs and the grand unveiling. Another glorious pair of designs, your patterns are just so flattering and enjoyable to knit.

  16. congratulations! these are both gorgeous! i love the collar on the sweater– a nice crisp detail to match the ribbing on the bottom & tie the whole thing together.

  17. Can’t wait for the shawl pattern – as soon as I saw the triangle one I knew I’d love it in a rectangular shape. I can’t wait to see the yarn requirements – just the excuse to order new yarn!! Hurry up Friday!

  18. My vote would be tendril(s) for the scarf name. It looks lovely, as does your sweater. I’ve been trying to resist starting a new sweater (the heat index today was 105 yikes!), but you are making it hard. 😉

  19. My all time favorite fruit/veggie is the tomato – I want to sit there with a toasted sandwich and smell all the wonderful goodness. Oh yes, the knitting. I love the henley – it is gorgeous. I, however, don’t have your great shape and wonder about wearing such a style (but wish I could). I wish my finished objects looked as professional as yours – this is so beautiful. (I have to go find something to eat. The power of a picture!)

  20. Oh Anne. . . that Bel Air is right up my alley. Kick it out girl. Pictures/Pattern. It’s just GORGEOUS!!!

    Either the bathrobe sweater, or the sweater coat will be awesome. But you haven’t done a sweater coat really – except Jackie. . . which I think you’re talking heavier than that though. . . . That would be so cool!

  21. wow! Bel Air is beautiful! I can’t wait to see you modeling it.

    I vote for the sweater coat. You have been wanting to knit that for a very long time.

  22. i like the suggestion above of petits pois. or in italiano, i piselli.
    whatever it’s called it is amazing.
    and so is the sweater.

  23. oh, that shawl/stole is absolutely lovely….and in that amazing color! love the sweater! i drool over your creations.

    i am working on my first lace item….your fiddlehead scarf….enjoying it immensely. taking time but that’s ok. thank you!

  24. What about Sweet Pea Shoots? It’s lovely. I’ll buy it when the pattern is out, although I am unlikely to ever knit it. Lace is my nemesis.

  25. Oohh…Karolyn’s shawl came out lovely! Karolyn had mentioned sweet pea to me which made me think of bringing back Sweetheart. (I just need to get a picture of the yarn and I will get it up)

    Your new sweater design is SO you! Love it!!!

    My tomatoes have been like yours this summer…crazy wonderful! So far I have put 20 quarts of sauce up and still more to go. 🙂

  26. That sweater is gorgeous! It looks like the right mix of high/low intensity knitting, and I think the style would look great even on a large busted lady like me. I hope you’ll be publishing the pattern!

  27. Bellissimo Bel Air, Anne! Am I remembering correctly…was there some blog talk a while back about this gorgeous sweater also being offered as a cardigan? Nudge, nudge, hem, hem,..or should I say, hen, hen…

  28. Your sweater is soooo nice!! I love the color!

    You are not good for my DH’s wallet…did you know that? You got me interested in knitting lace, then in knitting socks. Now, because of your influence, I want to learn to spin! I’ve been looking at wheels and DH is hinting that he may get me one in a couple of months if I’m really serious about spinning. Woohoo!! Got any recommendations for a wheel for a beginner?

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