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i don’t have much today and i need to make it quick, because i have a bunch of very ripe tomatoes that need attention—you can’t stop mother nature when she’s ready to give. these red, ripe tomatoes will be perfect for paste, now that i’m pretty well stocked up on puree for the winter.

but i do have a couple of quick finished items to show you that i’m excited about.

first, the pea shoots stole arrived from karolyn yesterday and it’s a beauty (that’s the working name; i’ve yet to settle on a good title for the pattern, so if you have any ideas, let me know. short and sweet is best!).

isn’t it just beautiful in this rose color? like the pea vines triangle, this is knit in woolen rabbit pandora, a bamboo/merino blend, in a colorway kim revived recently, called sweetheart (i don’t see it on her site at the moment, but i’m sure she’s offering it).

this turned out beautifully i think; now we just need to take some photos and it’ll be ready for release. i’m aiming for friday . . .

finishing work takes hours and hours, but it’s worth it—i’ve been so focused on the finishing of my bel air sweater that i haven’t knit much on my other projects, but focus is good

because now, i have a new finished sweater—i can wear it to rhinebeck . . .
i just love it! my dress form is a little bigger than i am in the shoulders and bust, so the fit is a bit distorted here, but you get the idea. and i had the right buttons after all; dark gray shell with hints of blue and green.

i’m VERY pleased with how it feels on—it’s fitted, but not snug and very comfy. the fabric, knit in spirit trail sunna colorway green velvet, is luxurious against the skin. another piece to add to the pile for photography (i’m working as fast as i can to catch up, i swear).

and that, as they say, is that—time to think about the next projects. i have a couple pieces of secret knitting i’m working on, plus the wristlets, but i’m definitely starting a new shawl in the next couple of days that’s more complex and lacy. something to sink my teeth into. and i think another sweater is in order, but i’m not sure what—should i finally make the sweater coat i’ve been yakking about for three years (it would come in handy for my winter travels), or should i finally reknit my bathrobe sweater (i have the yarn and i know i’ll wear that a lot).

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  1. I vote for the sweater coat. I really want to knit one, but can’t find the right pattern. I know you would design the perfect sweater coat.

  2. Oooo the Bel-Air is lovely – congratulations!

    Maybe the Pea shoots stole (also stunning) should simpley be called tendrils after the delicate sprouts.

  3. All delicious and luscious in their own way! Love the knitting, as usual, no surprise there. Just beautiful.

  4. Anne, you must hurry and get Bel Air out to us. That is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I just finished ondule, and your ability to size your patterns is sheer perfection. I can’t wait for this one to be released. Just beautiful!

  5. Okay, it’s me again. leaving another comment. I keep coming back to look at the luscious Bel Air. It is so coolio! I just can’t wait to do it!

  6. Oh, it’s just the season to start a bathrobe sweater. BTW, I love the term “bathrobe sweater”, I know just what you mean. And I need one.

  7. Sweet pea would be a lovely name for the wrap. Another floral pea name is Baptisia. The Bel Air is so elegant!

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