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this week’s installment in the pre-christmas pattern flurry is a pretty lace scarf in a downy soft yarn with all-winter appeal. i won’t be bashful about it—i love the way this one turned out and enjoyed every minute of knitting it. the pattern is easy as can be, with just eight rows to keep track of, but what a beautiful effect those eight little rows have in this frosty lavender/blue colorway. the piece takes surprisingly little yardage for its length; if you have a precious skein lying around that is not quite enough for most scarves, it might work with this one.

this project is is truly a no-fuss traveler; once you’ve got the pattern set up, it’s a snap to add a few rows here or there, as your day allows and easy to find your place if interrupted. and if all that weren’t enough, it’s a great twin accessory for the delicato mitts—if they were a hit with a recipient at some earlier point, this would make an excellent follow-up gift.

shown here in slackford studio nimbus cloud, a heavenly alpaca/cashmere/silk blend, in colorway lilac frost

the scarf is set off to perfection here with a celtic budding spiral pin from nicholas & felice

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

susan, owner and dyer of slackford studio, sent me a generous amount of this yarn, so i’ll be knitting a matching set of mitts next to go with it—thank you susan! susan offers some extremely pretty yarns of all weights in her online shop, on beautiful bases, too. go take a look while i add some more pictures . . .

26 thoughts on “aria delicato

  1. yummy. i know i should raid my ‘stash room’ to make this but that ‘nimbus cloud’ looks pretty inviting. is there such a thing as “yarn hoarders anonymous”? should I start one?

    cheers, barbie o.

  2. That’s gorgeous!! I might just have to order that pattern. Are the wrong-side stitches purled? I find that scarf/shawl patterns that are purled on the back side are better for me. Gives me a break from the pattern stitches!

    Barbie O., I’m with you on the ‘Yarn Hoarders Anonymous’!! I’ll be sitting right next to you!

  3. Very beautiful! And I just happen to have a skein of fingering cashmere/silk from Neighborhood Fibers. I have two shawl pins from Nicholas and Felice; they are great! Glad to see you showing them off.

  4. love it! just today i bought some hand-dyed silk mohair in a lovely soft grey that would be great for this. OR it would be a great choice for some of the silk/merino handspun i’ve been working on, what with the low yardage. decisions decisions!

  5. Another winner…and I’m so glad the earring saga had a happy ending. It was wonderful to get to meet you in Montreal and I learned a LOT! Safe journey home!

  6. ooooh just gorgeous. i have already ordered TWO different colorways of the yarn and am about to purchase the pattern right now.
    and hooray for the earring happy ending. somebody up there was smiling on you and your anniversary. isn’t montreal such a fun city???

  7. Lovely, lovely!

    And I’m so happy you found your earring! Imagine if it had snowed? I have several orphaned earrings in my jewelry box due to the same thing happening. That was good earring karma for you! Glad you had such a marvelous trip.

  8. Oh Gosh – Didn’t that come out just BEAUTIFULLY!!!
    And I thought it was pretty BEFORE you blocked it. Isn’t it fun to see the change and how it it gets even better?
    It looks like you’ve had a great vacation, too, and I’m so glad for you both to be able to take the time away. The earring story is great – Happy Endings!

  9. I love this scarf and also the color! Just beautiful…there’s just one thing though, I have to stop sampling all your coffees and foods like when I do lick the screen (yum yum)…I’ve put on 10 pounds!! Heh Heh

  10. Just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. As so many of your wonderful patterns, it’s in my queue, but I can’t keep up with you – heh!

  11. Anne, this is stunning. I have come to the realization that I’m not really a scarf person but I do love the long loop of a scarf that can be doubled and used to also cover your head (ala here This could easily work for one of those since one end would neatly fit into the other but … how would you block something like that?

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! How do you ever begin developing a pattern for lace? As a lifetime knitter – my mother taught me when I was 5 – I find myself in awe of you ability to translate design elements from life into lace. Like birds or flowers. Do you have a vision first? Or is it trial and error with a surprise turnout?

  13. hi Anne! I am soooo excited! I just purchased this patter and ordered a yummy yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Cant WAIT to get it started. This will be my 2nd lace project. I’m currently finishing up Ishbel… Had a few stumbles and learned to use lifelines 🙂 but am anxious to make one of your patterns. One is more lovely than the next! I’ve purchased others but haven’t braved them yet. This one seems managable for me. Do you have a preference of needles with a scarf this size? Straight, circ? I’ve been eyeing the Signature Needles online. Off from work for a bit and I’m getting myself in trouble hahaha too much online shopping!

  14. Sooooo beautiful, Anne! I love the name that you have chosen – it is a perfect pattern/gift for my three Diva buddies, not to mention for me since I, too, sing! Alas, how will I EVER keep up with you? My project queue grows longer every month!

  15. Another beautiful pattern that I had to purchase. My yarn is enroute from Slackford Studio and I might be able to start this scarf this weekend. Thanks for your creativity.

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