the Red Sweater KAL

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well, it was bound to happen with the overwhelming response i got for just mentioning the red sweater that’s been on my mind. you know how it is—you get chatting with someone who leaves a comment, you are both gushing about yarn and color, and before you know it, a KAL is born!

here’s the rundown: really, there are hardly any rules. pick any RED yarn and any sweater pattern in any size, and join—that’s it! you don’t even need to start anything NEW—come on over with your WIPs—there’s room for everyone. i guess we’ll knit red til the cows come home. we will try to gather some fun giveaways together to keep it interesting. anybody with anything they want to throw into the prize patrol, email me. sound good??.

then mosey on over to Red Sweater KAL to take a look. email laura or myself (hansonATknitspotDOTcom) if you want to join us.

10 thoughts on “the Red Sweater KAL

  1. Blogspot must have been having trouble when you tried. Try again. I was just there, followed Anne’s link, and it worked fine.

    Anne, you gotta watch out… Never know what’ll happen when you answer a comment, and start talking with someone! LOL

  2. The things you get me into! I can contribute a 100 gr skein of Celtic Memory Yarn in the one-off colourway of Red Branch (K)Nights, sufficient to make one scarf guaranteed to stop traffic.

  3. And I just happen to have a red sweater planned for my dear patient husband! I won’t be starting it until next month, but I definitely want to play along when I do. 🙂

  4. Can’t. Wait.

    Do I need another project? . Do I *want* another project?

    Started seeing it in my head as I inched into work on the freeway this morning.

  5. Sigh, still learning about the world of blogging. See that random period after the question mark? It *should* have been followed by [brief pause for hysterical laughter], but I used the wrong sort of brackets, and it’s Lost In Space.

  6. Okay… I have to finish by a certain date?? Is it a race??? Will anyone laugh if I’m last??? The pressure might be too great….

  7. bummer I don’t have any red yarn to get started on something, although I’ve really wanted to make the pattern Something Red . . .

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