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wow, you all sure do LOVE to win stuff! hahaha!
so, let me tell you the details . . .

we are celebrating my one-year blogiversary on february 3rd, my birthday.

the drawings will be held that day; all entries MUST be in by midnight, february 2nd
the contest is not really a contest—you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get in. just send an email to: contestATknitspotDOTcom (plug in the symbols), and that’s it!
and now, thanks to my wonderful husband david, you can click the blogiversary button in the sidebar to enter as well!

(cuz i know that’s what you want to know):

one winner will recieve a skein of fearless fibers superwash merino sock yarn, in colorway smoke, and the smoke socks pattern

another winner will receive their choice of a skein of superwash merino sock and the delicato mitts pattern

a third winner will receive the alpaca cloverleaf mitts in handspun alpaca that i am currently knitting

Laurie has generously offered pattern and materials to knit her fiber fish mittens

which are so darn cute i want them myself!

an fifth winner will receive a bundle of paton’s classic merino dk/lt. worsted—enough for a sweater.


aija will send three sets of her gorgeous stitch markers out to a few people

they are not all exactly alike, but each set has some amethyst in it, which is my birthstone—sooo thoughful!

AND chris at Briar Rose Fibers is offering some of her yarn too.

this Abundance! Worsted weight Corridale, 850 yds

i’m pretty sure that there are a few more things hanging around that will go on the prize list, so stayed tuned and tell friends (and don’t be selfish, hee-hee)—we are having a party!

28 thoughts on “about that contest

  1. You are so thoughtful and generous!

    I thought you’d been blogging for more than a year, you are so good at it. Am looking forward to what this year brings to your website.

  2. Adorable Fishy mittens – what a creative idea! Your mitts came out wonderfully as well. The Fearless Fiber yarn is a great deal online as well. How does it feel in terms of twist? I have some lighter, stretchier sock yarn but am always in search of something a bit more substantial, like Koigu or the new Colinette one. But not a yarn that breaks the bank!

  3. This is fun, Anne — thanks! And congratulations on your first year! May there be many more…

  4. Those prizes are fabulous! Can’t wait for the drawing:) Congratulations on your first blogiversary. I couldn’t keep up with my “blog” if you can call it that! Looking forward to reading what you have this year!

  5. Wow you’ve been only blogging a year? Your good, very, very good 🙂 Now for those prizes – how could one resist that! Oh and happy early birthday!! It only gets better with age – or at least that is what the tell me.

  6. What a beautiful idea and such great prizes! Your blog is really entertaining and inspiring and I hope you’ll keep sharing your experiences for much longer!

  7. I can honestly comment on not only the patterns from Anne BUT from the fiber from Briar Rose, I have some of the Abundance and I LOVE it!!!

  8. How generous of you, and what fun! You have a lovely blog – congratulations on your blogversary. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the inspiration, resources and wit which you offer to us all through your blog. Happy Blogiversary and many happy returns on your birthday! Cheers!

  10. Congratulations!
    Happy blog-iversay, Anne.

    Sign me up for the contest, too, please?
    Thank you!

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