i am not deserving . . .

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the other day, aija generously offered several sets of the stitch markers she creates for the upcoming blog contest.

ahem. i guiltily remembered i had not visited her shop since she announced she was going to open it. when i first went, it did not have any stock yet, but now . . . well, it’s full of goodies. i promptly fell in love with two sets, and decided they would make great gifts (maybe—if i can bear to part with them).
and yesterday they arrived in the mail,

i just love these abalone little harlequin diamonds, as well as the delicate amethyst quartz cylinders

the brown sock thinks they are just for him (i’m not commenting on the sock’s desire for jewelry . . .)
along with my purchase, aija included this abundance of samples, in styles i did not choose to buy
(it was hard, i swear, but i know it’s wrong to take everything . . .)

she just understands my love of variety—there are so many different ones—all so delicate and simple. sigh.

in other news, i finally finished the first smokin’ sock

i cast on right away for the second sock, cuz, i confess, these tried my patience a bit. and it’s totally my own fault. i decided on the skinniest needles i had, and made them pretty long. but then, the results make it all worthwhile. the fabric is lovely—soft and dense and comfy, but not thick at all.

the pattern is all written, and ready to roll as soon as i insert the picture. these socks can also be knit in heavier yarn, and i will do that sometime, just so i don’t hold any prejudices against them.

and the spinning? well, i didn’t spin any more last night on that red fiber, but i can tell you it’s working up a treat! i did get both of the spunky eclectic batches washed and nearly dried. and boy, did they do up nice! talk about softness . . .

are you ready for some yarn porn? no?? . . . . . ok.

ahhh—just kidding. here you go—two chubby-cheeked skeins of purrr-fectly soft yumminess.

that’s navajo on the left, and winnipeg on the right. both destined for socks. i bet you want a closeup, right? he-he-he, you naughty vixens you . . .

don’t they look like they are reaching out to smooch you?
after i spun navajo, i was worried that it might be a little thinner than i liked, so i worked winnipeg up into a slightly beefier weight, but only slightly—this fiber poofs up so much that i didn’t want to risk ending up with DK weight. i love them both dearly . . .

which is good, because i was, after all, disappointed by the caramel alpaca/wool sample i spun. it’s not so soft, and not lustrous, and too wiry and fuzzy in a bad way.

if i spin the rest of it, i will make a quick chunky-weight yarn to be felted into clogs, where it WILL seem luxurious, and not at all second-rate.

and now, i have to close with a confession. i started something new.
i know, i KNOW—i have a long list of WIPs that need attending to. but i’ve had my eye on another yarn in my stash that i made also in my first winter of spinning, a white BFL, which i dyed last winter. i came across in when i was reorganizing and put it near the top of my list.

it’s really soft, and pretty, and i have held off all month from tearing open it’s strings and winding it up. i promised myself i would finish at least ONE of the smoke socks before i cast on with it. and last night around 12m, when i had woven in the last end, i went upstairs to just look at it.
i had every intention of holding it up as a carrot to myself for when i finished the second smokin’ sock. i had myself a good lo-o-o-ong look, and then i ambled off to watch TV and work on a mitt. but it kept gnawing at me (yes, it IS all the yarn’s fault . . .).

after all i have one more sock pattern ready to release, and i’d like a new picture for the cover. remember those mermaid socks from last summer? the ones i sent away?

i finally got around to patterning those up, only i had to change the name. they are now the math whiz socks, as an homage to pythagorus, patron saint of the stitch pattern featured in the cuff and foot. oh yeah, and he was into math too—he of hypotenuse fame . . . so anyway, i’d like a new picture for it, and that requires a new sock, right? and since this yarn is the right weight, i justified casting on.

and i promise, this morning i got up and knit an inch on the second smokin’ sock before work.

29 thoughts on “i am not deserving . . .

  1. that spinning is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t decide which I like best!

    she has great stitch markers – all so different and they have that rugged beauty….

  2. Wow you have been one busy lady. The spinning is lovely. I am in the same boat with my UFO’s. I know that they need to be done, but my yarn is taunting me so much. LOL I agree it is all the yarn’s fault.

  3. I was waiting for at least some of the yarn to jump off the screen and land on my lap but it did not happen… Looking at your yarn pictures is almost as good as touching them, so please keep them coming…

  4. ohhhh purdy purdy purdy socks!!! C’mon ya’ll poor Anne needs help, she is working’ herself ragged *sheepish grin inserted here*, so we should all step up and offer to choose from her stash, heck, we’ll evenlet her decide who gets what 🙂 I’ll start off helping by offering to take some of that pink spunk*grin*…..oh,and *snicker* BFL *snicker* that name kills me. I may have to pop on over to Aija’s site and snatch some of those flat diamond shape markers GORGEOUS!

  5. Now see – that is what happens when you go “organizing” the stash. Last night, I finished a sock myself and toddled off to look for something that I “might” use for another project and then….an hour later…. I emerged with things for about 6 more sock projects. Sigh. I need more hours in my day. You too?

  6. I don’t know which sock yarn I like best… the Winnipeg, the Navajo, or that mystery skein you’re using for the hypotenuse socks. Okay, maybe it’s the last one… it has a coppery-looking streak in it that really turns my earth-tone-loving crank. 😉

    If I started a new project at midnight, it would be a disaster with a capital D! 😉 I’m really not good for casting on past 10:00 or so. Zzzzz.

  7. You make my little justifications for new projects seem so right! I don’t even feel guilty after reading your blog; instead I feel, well, part of a group. And hey, if it’s okay for you to do, then it’s gotta be okay for me to do it, too. Just don’t ask me to jump off any bridges any time soon…

  8. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. All of them. Your spinning, and knitting and those lovely little markers all beautiful.

    I’d love to see some of your socks on the foot or on a blocker to see what the patterns look like stretched out.

  9. I just hate it when the yarn talks to me like that – one has absolutely no control. Your spinning is so lovely and did I read that right? The newest sock started is from some of your first spun yarn – girl no wonder your spinning is so nice! You never had to suffer that “designer” stage. 😉

  10. Ah, Pythagorus. If only we’d lived at that time, we could’ve had some discoveries too! The first one gets all of the “easy” discoveries!

  11. What sumptuous colors on your handspun!

    I tried to refer someone to Fearless Fibers the other day and they are currently CLOSED! Looking forward to them reopening, so I can ponder some Smoke yarn.

  12. Anne, the smokin’ sock just turned out well “smokin'”! hahaha! I swear my mouth was watering over those two naughty little skeins of yarn! You are soooo mean to all of us. Dangling all that beauty in our faces like that. With socks made out of yarn like that, I’d never want to wear shoes again! Keep the “eye candy” comin”. It just makes my yarn day!

  13. I’m glad you like the markers! 🙂 Thanks SO much for the link… it seemed my inbox exploded with orders after you posted it!

  14. Your patterns are the Best! I LOVE the mermaid/math wiz socks and you are right, those little markers are something to sigh about. Just lovely

  15. It’s all gorgeous – the socks, the spinning, the color that you dyed your spinning, and Aija’s stitch markers. Thanks for giving out such nice eye candy.

  16. Wow, you have been really busy! I’m quite envious of your spinning ability. I don’t know anything about spinning, but your beautiful photos make me want to learn.

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