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well, here we are in portland, OR; it’s 4 am and sock summit begins today. instead of staying up til my usual time as i should have, i succumbed to jet lag after the teacher dinner last night and now i’ve been wide awake since 3:00 am. with about six hours to go before classes begin, i figured it might be a good time to blog, heh.

as it happens, several publications have been released recently that include work by your truly, so this would be a great time to talk about them. all those secret projects i worked on earlier this year are finally out of the bag—just in time to celebrate at sock summit.

top o’ the blog really has to be sock knitting master class by your friend and mine—ann budd.

ann asked me to contribute to this book when we first met at sock summit two years ago and we have since become very friendly colleagues (in fact, she’s my roommate here—shhh, she’s still sleeping . . .)

published by interweave press, this book is a treasure trove of sock knitting variety, with a plenitude of design viewpoints, sock styles, fabric textures, and range of stitch patterns. if you’re a technique junkie, this is your book.

but enough about all that, let’s talk about my sock, almondine, which is represented in the lace category.

this design was originally conceived as a not-too-fancy unisex lace sock with a vintage feel—the type of sock either david or i would be very comfortable wearing any day of the week.

i chose a new-to-me yarn—cascade heritage sock—that i had just used to knit a pair of boy socks for my nephew amad. i really enjoyed knitting with this yarn; it has a sturdy, good feeling and the colors are lovely. plus, it’s very reasonably priced and has a nice measure of nylon for good wear—a great choice for guy socks.

the pattern is a scaled-down version of the butternut scarf motif; a little more petite and delicate for the sock. and i have my sights set on using it again for an accessory set—i loved the way it looks pulled over my arm as a pair of mitts. i’ll probably work on those in the next couple of months.

this book is a wonderful resource—even ann budd has set out to knit all the socks in it as a personal project (you can knit along or follow her progress on her blog). in fact, around the knitting table last night, she was working on my almondine, the third sock in the book. YAY.

next up, kollage yarns has produced an exclusive release for sock summit—coffee break knits, an assortment of on-the-go accessory and gift projects. can you guess which one is mine?

when my friend erica asked me to participate, she needed to know right away what i wanted to design for it and without hesitation, i blurted out “how about a doll shawl”.

she said. “uh . . . oh-kay . . . that’s a thought”.
i convinced her it was a fanTAStic idea and she went with it (i’m so lucky that people trust me!). and so i bring you little iris

isn’t she sweet??
now, you can only get this booklet in the kollage booth at sock summit, where all of the participating designers will be signing copies during the lunch hour on saturday.

however, those who cannot be on site can participate in the ravelry virtual sock summit and book giveaway in the kollage ravelry group.

now, if that’s not enough and you’re feeling left out, here’s an upcoming opportunity that’s sure to please you . . . we also did the shawl in an adult size, yay.

soon to be available from kollage through patternfish and part of their feed your creativity program for the upcoming year, the little iris pattern will include both shawl sizes. my good friend barb, who test knit the doll size, will guarantee that it’s a fun and really fast project, much appreciated by granddaughters of a certain age.

you can knit two doll shawls from one skein of creamy and one adult shawl from two skeins of the same yarn.

as with the leafprints shawlette, we will not be selling this pattern in our own shop, so look for it from kollage in just a little while.

another new release that includes one of my pieces is the wool people book from brooklyn tweed, edited and photographed by jared flood.

i am so thrilled to be included in this project—it’s a real honor to be asked to contribute by a fellow designer whose work i admire so much. right now you can download a PDF lookbook to browse for yourself.

my design is the hourglass throw, which can be knit in three sizes from baby to sofa throw to bed coverlet in jared’s delicious shelter worsted weight yarn.

i chose a lace and cable motif that i’ve always loved, but which is difficult to design a garment with (though i’m working on it, sometimes). i added ribbed hems and cabled selvedges to up the coziness factor and make it sturdily appealing for every family member. i picked the hayloft colorway, a wonderfully rich, mustardy gold for my yarn color because i formed an instant bond with it; it just screams cozy fall woolens to me.

i had to design this one in a real hurry while i was on a long teaching trip in april, so our amazing and trusty friend karolyn did the honors of actually knitting the sample up—the very first time i have not knit one of my pieces. haha, in fact, i have yet to see the final product—karolyn shipped it straight to BT from her home.

you can purchase the book or any of the fifteen patterns in it through the BT ravelry store.

now the great thing is that we will be able to sell this pattern in our own shop; i just need to get home to photograph the blanket, which should be there by the time i get back in august.

and very close to my heart, we are finally announcing the release of a very special book by larissa brown called my grandmother’s knitting.

due out september 1st from STC craft, it is available now for preorder. filled with beautiful stories from designers about the family members who taught them to knit, this book includes patterns and lovely photos as well.

my story is about my grandma, who taught me to knit and who knit herself right up until the day she died. her favorite thing to knit was afghans; at one time, almost every member of her quite extended family received a beautiful example of her knitting for weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, or just for love. i own several incredible works by her myself, including this sampler afghan, knit in the 1950s for my mom, which is featured in the book.

in that spirit, i designed a baby blanket similar to many of the ones she knit, with sturdy garter borders and an openwork motif as the main pattern.

look for this book soon; it’s a real treasure, something you can curl up and read while taking a break from your actual knitting.

and i see now that it’s after 6 and the sun is out (sorta), so i better haul my fanny out of bed if i want to squeeze in a walk before class. more later—hopefully with photos from the summit, yes?

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  1. You are one creative, and very busy, woman, Anne! I love the idea of “my grandmother’s knitting.” Thank you, thank you for these lovely patterns. Looking forward to seeing the new baby blanket in September. Happy Sock Summit!

  2. What a great post, Anne. I just purchased Sock Knitting Master Class and, after a quick look through it, I can’t wait to delve in and learn more about sock knitting PLUS get a chance to knit your lovely design. AND I have My Grandmother’s Knitting on my wish list on Amazon. I have fallen hard for the Larissa’s concept of documenting the generational ties to knitting so many of us have. The patterns that I have seen so far are wonderful, too, and I was so happy to see your design included. Finally, Wool People is breathtaking. So many patterns are ending up in my queue. It seems though that the patterns are all to be purchased individually, rather than in total in the ebook.
    Have a wonderful time at Sock Summit. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Wonderful books. I SOOOOOOOOO wish I were there to buy a copy of the CoffeeBreak Knits – but to console myself, I’ve ordered the Ann Budd book. Please tell her “Thank You” from one of her fans! It sounds like a busy and happy weekend for everyone attending!

  4. Anne, I love all of your secret projects. I can pretty much pick your designs out. In the Jared Flood book, my eye was drawn immediately to your design before I ever knew you had made it. Your work speaks to me.

    Hope you settle in to a good night’s sleep tonight.

  5. I concur with Liz in Missouri; I would love to have a copy of the doll shawl in addition to the other knits in CoffeeBreak Knits. So sad, but maybe you’d be interested in other quick doll shawl versions of some of your larger shawls? Or a tutorial on how to downsize? I know a few little people in my life who would very much appreciate knitted gifts for their dolls.

    Have fun in Portland.

  6. Congratulations Anne! Much deserved recognition of your beautiful design work. I remember well the drab yarns and patterns of yesteryear. I’m so glad to have knitted long enough to put my needles to work on such well thought out compositions as yours. You elevate knitting – and the rest of us in the process.

    Sleep well!

  7. Wonderful designs Anne! So much for me to catch up on. You must really love your “job”. I envy your opportunity to engage your creativity every day. Too many things going on in my life this year to go to SS and I am reeeeally going to miss it–all that talent and inspiration. Knitters everywhere. Gorgeous materials calling out to me. Oh my. By the way, I learned to knit socks from Ann B here in Boulder. A very, very nice person!

  8. Wow! Some really beautiful designs as always. I’d already spotted the sock design book and now I know I just have to have it. Your design is beautiful! I need to cast those socks on as soon as possible ;-). Look forward to the shawl pattern being available too. It’s lovely. Happy ‘Sock Summit’! Ros

  9. How exciting to be in so many publications being released all at once!

    Love the doll shawl! Before knitting took over my life, I collected dolls. I still have quite a few and I could see one of them dressed in your shawl. I really love the adult version too.

    Wool People – Love all of it! I have a thing for blankets :o) Hope to add Hourglass to my blanket/afgan queue.

    Can’t wait for a Sock Summit post!

  10. Anne, once again you continue to amaze me with your creative energy! I received an email from BT since I’m on their email list, and looked through the lookbook, and immediately fell in love with the hourglass shawl. At the time, I didn’t know it was your design, and then I looked down at the photos of the designers, there you were, then I went up to see what you designed, and I should have known! I can’t wait to get My Grandmother’s Knitting. My grandmother crocheted, my mother knitted, and she was the one who taught me, and she taught her grandchildren. What a wonderful tribute, and I’m anxious to see your pattern. Wow! So many exciting new patterns, and still the fall in full color club for even more! Not enough time in the day!

    Enjoy Sock Summit!

  11. Congratulations, Anne, on the publication trifecta! You will be the toast of SS! I’m sure all will be totally well-received. I hadn’t realized that Almondine was based upon Butternut – now I must add that one to the (ever-growing) list.

    Have a wonderful time!

  12. What a trove of beautiful designs, especially the Amondine Socks (Butternut was always a favorite of mine) and the Hourglass Throw. Both publications will be added to my library. Have a great time at Sock Summit!

  13. Uy, I need to get a second job just to get all these great books and incredible yarn and make sockssockssockssockssockssssssssssss…..phew, I think I’m okay now. As always your patterns are simply splendiferous! Hope you’re having a blast at sock summit!

  14. I just got the Ann Budd book a couple of weeks ago. You have definitely been busy ‘behind the scenes’. 🙂

  15. So exciting to have all these releases grouped together. I think I really need the Iris shawl patterns!! Please let us know when they are out on patternfish.

  16. Wow Anne. . . no wonder you’re so stinkin’ busy! I did get the sock book strictly for your Almondine pattern! I love that sock and can’t wait to make it. And the Hourglass is gorgeous. Karolyn rocks, doesn’t she??? Everyone needs a Karolyn in their life to knit Anne Hanson patterns for them!

  17. What super designs, especially the socks… I need to cast on! 🙂
    Have a fabulous time at Sock Summit! Gina

  18. I’m just catching up with all your news after my holidays. All of those patterns look great, but I have to say that the book that interests me most is My Grandmother’s Knitting. Learning such lifelong skills from older family members is indeed a great gift.

  19. Oh, Anne, I recognize the sampler afghan….I knit that one, too, back in the ’60’s….my mother still has it (she is 88)….

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