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Whilst Anne is away at sock summit, I thought it a fortuitous opportunity to share with all of you some of my favorite socks, designed and knitted by Anne. There are eight in total; originally there were to be the top five, but alas five was not enough—i could not forsake the remaining three. This also presents an opportunity to familiarize some of you that are new to Knitspot, with some of Anne’s sock designs.

Now a sock is perhaps the perfect gift, so wonderful to have a glimpse of a beautifully designed sock protruding from a cuff, warm, comfortable and made with love. The knitter has toiled away hours at her (his) creation. I am ever so grateful for all of my bespoke socks; yes, custom made for the best fit possible.

Alright, onward to the socks; will present two socks per post. The first being the Longjohn sock. It is quite an accurate facsimile of the underwear with which we are all familiar.

A rather simple design, requiring no chart to implement. I believe there is a certain elegance to simplicity; there are so many ornate designs about, one being more embellished than the next (not that there is anything wrong with such elaborate designs).

david 3 longjohn840_72dpi.jpg

The yarn used for the Long John sock is Shalimar Yarn’s Zoe Sock, a most delectable soft merino, I really like this yarn and that it is produced by good friends of ours in Maryland, Kristi and Paul, makes it that much more special.

two sox longjohn432_72dpi.jpg

Would love to ask Anne to make another pair, but dare not as she has for too many projects presently—guess I will seize the moment and learn to knit socks, perhaps Shalimar’s Zoe sock in gray truffle.

david 7 longjohn768_72dpi.jpg

To purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the Knitspot Pattern Shop.

david 6 longjohn795_72dpi.jpg

Gridiron sock is designed after it’s namesake. As you will see in the photos, it is like intricate metal work, just incredible, what a great motif.

david gridiron860_72dpi.jpg

david3 gridiron927_72dpi.jpg

Now again, the design is simple, but has a certain complexity. I vividly remember sitting in cafe in Albany, NY, when a woman commented on these socks, asking if they were handmade, could she have a pair made

david2 gridiron931_72dpi.jpg

she too, spoke of the beautiful intricate design and even touched my socks. Moments later a guy walks by, (perhaps emboldened by previous comments) says “cool socks”, and I nod in agreement.

david6 gridiron857_72dpi.jpg

Gridiron was created in araucania ranco colorway, #120 midnight. A nice soft sturdy yarn, not bulky, fits well in casual shoes.

david1 gridiron952_72dpi.jpg

I do hope you give these projects a go, and give them to those you love who appreciate some of the better things in life.

david7 gridiron967_72dpi.jpg

To purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the Knitspot Pattern Shop.

david4 gridiron894_72dpi.jpg

Anne tells me that she is preparing a post-summit post and that it will be ready soon . . .

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  1. Wow, “Mr. Knitspot!” What a lovely post! You share Anne’s lovely expressive and articulate way of talking about knitting, and I’m hoping you’ll post again!

    Also, it must be so gratifying for Anne to know that her lovingly handmade socks are truly loved appreciated, by someone who has a full understanding of the time, and care, and effort, and love that went into their making.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what other sock patterns made it into your “Top 5 plus 3!”

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