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it is an unbeLIEVably dreary day outside here in canton, but inside, we have lots of warm and inspiring color to cheer things up—my red scarf is done.

i KNOW! it knit up so fast, didn’t it? i started it just last monday during my afternoon class and i finished it yesterday. and i admit, i did not pick it up every day in between—i think i sat down with it on two evenings, and then spent the afternoon yesterday finishing it. (these next couple photos are before blocking)

i did keep it down here on the dining room table, where i could pick it up to knit the odd row here and there, but not much of that actually happened (i have very little free time of that sort right now).

anyway, i’m also super happy about the way it turned out—it’s a very respectable size and weight, with lots of cush factor for the chilliest days. it’s playfully unisex, too, an important prerequisite for a red scarf project gift (and also, for our own gift boxes, right?). it doesn’t read as “lace” per se; if anything the openwork involved does more to highlight the unusual kinetics within the motif.

the pattern is all set to go as soon as the scarf is dry enough to take some photos. david will help me out with the modeling, i feel sure; we should have it all pulled together by late tomorrow or wednesday (we have a downtown appointment that should provide a nice environment for taking pictures).

meanwhile, chris at briar rose fibers has dyed up a bunch of her kindness yarn in this luscious red colorway—truly to die for; you’ll love it (she may need a little time to get that loaded onto her website, but it’s coming). chris will give you 10% off until december 31st if you use the code knitspot when you check out.

look what i came across in the living when i was getting ready to stretch and block that scarf

apparently, i misplaced these ripening tomatoes in my own living room.
i know what happened . . . david picked them just before our hard frost in early november and we spread them out to ripen under some newspaper on top of the pool table in the living room (which, i might add, is not a living room at all any more, but has now become the warehouse and hub for knitspot club central).

anyway, since i never go into the living room for living purposes any more, and since i spent a couple of weeks away from home, i promptly forgot about the tomatoes and only rediscovered them when i went into the back depths of the room to look for a blocking towel on our drying rack.

i swear, our home is actually MUCH more organized than it sounds—we just need to lose the confining and limiting labels—such as “living room” and “dining room”. those just don’t apply to us.

i think i’m digging a deeper hole for my case than i intended—maybe we should talk about something else.

i am so almost done knitting these mitts—i’m literally on the last row or so of the thumb, but i just could NOT keep my eyes open to finish them last night. our friend hattie was kind enough to knit a test pair as well and reports filial love for them as well as confirming that the pattern is in good shape. it’s going to the proofer next, as soon as i add the beret instructions into it.

meanwhile, i’ve got the ribbed brim for the hat finished
and i need to start the openwork part; i’ve been sorta doing this on autopilot and i figure i should catch my breath and begin to focus now that i’m at this point. so it’ might be another day or two before i get my act together on that (what with the scarf photos and pattern release in between).

and now i need to get ready for my afternoon class, so i’m going to stop here. but i do have a couple new patterns to release this week and another exciting yarn parade, so don’t stray too far over the next few days . . .

22 thoughts on “true red

  1. Beautiful Patterns! The scarf looks like one of those wondeful ones that will look just as pretty on the reverse side as on the front. And the mitts – well – what can I say other than I’m a huge fan of your mitts? (I’ve even turned some patterns into socks!) Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

  2. Beautiful scarf, and I am holding my breath for the mitt pattern! Your work is always a pleasure to look at!

  3. haha, the mysterious case of the missing tomatoes! At least you found them before they were really far gone!

    Love the red scarf and can’t wait for that pattern. I just bought some red dk weight merino that might work for this worthy cause. The mitts are awesome too!

  4. Got the red yarn from Chris on Friday and all wound. I’m ready!! It is so gorgeous!! Glad she is offering another discount. May have to order more!

  5. Pattern releases!!!! I’m so excited. The Fartlek hat has been so much fun to knit. I know I’ll be making more.

    Love the red scarf and a beret is coming too. Falala lalalala! I’m so happy!

    You know how to make me sing for the holidays, Anne! And you found the tomatoes. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  6. Oh, the red scarf is bee-yoo-tee-ful!! I just purchased the red yarn; it’s so hard to find TRUE red! Like tomato red…LOL…your misplaced harvest is like something I would do!

  7. OK I ordered my yarn from Chris. now I’m waiting for a pattern, cough, chough..LOL I just finished a beautiful red sweater using a Briar Rose yarn that was dyed just for me in reds to purple.

  8. I *love* this scarf. I have just the yarn (and the recipient) in mind for it. I will be eagerly awaiting the pattern release!

  9. Misplaced tomatoes…reminds me of the year my mom misplaced a hard-boiled egg for an Easter egg hunt. I think it showed up months later behind a curtain. Nasty. That was the last year for real eggs in the hunt.

  10. the red scarf is fabulous. I love anything as long as it is red or purple.

    Your home sounds just fine–you are so right about losing the labels. They are our homes and we use the space to meet our needs!


  11. Beautiful! I love the red scarf. Almost done with my first fartlek- using Berocco Vintage DK as it is for a young guy who needs an easy care item- I love it so far! Wish I could knit as quickly as you do.

  12. That red scarf just looks so warm and cushy! Love the ‘kinetic’ pattern and that it’s unisex!

  13. Thanks you so much for donating the proceeds from this pattern. It is a worthy cause. Love the scarf pattern. Have my name on Chris’ list for the yarn. You have introduced us to some great indie dyers.

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