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well, that was quick, haha. our pretty snow melted almost to nothing by the next day and the temps are back up into the 40s and 50s. good for getting outside, anyway . . .

i’m continuing to work mostly on secret projects here and patterns, but i have a few small progresses on other project, too.

i put a few more rows on my shawlette in hazel knits divine, a delicious merino/cashmere/silk blend with beautiful sheen and bounce—just enough to make the sts pop, but not enough to make them stiff.

this is one of those projects that i could just devour if only i could spend more time with it. i’m thinking that it’s perfect airplane knitting for our trip on thurday—i could probably finish it up by the time we get to san diego. we’re flying out to visit kim’s fmaily next week and then our las vegas family on the way home—yay!

david’s sleeve is, unfortunately, stuck where we last saw it. i’ve been experiencing some severe congestion from the dry cold that is, in turn, causing me a lot of nauseous dizziness. you know, in and out of the cold with exercise, then the house is super dry—it all adds up to unhappy sinuses. so whenever i feel good, i have to grab computer time instead of knitting time in order to keep the business stuff on track, ugh. i’m hoping that a vacation in a sunny place will help.

i did manage to finish up the slöfock hat and mitts set in shalimar honey worsted and we even got some nice photos as we set out for a bike ride yesterday.

everything is all set to go with this one; we put the final tweaks on the pattern this evening and all systems are go for a monday release. doesn’t it look great with his susanna bandana shawlette scarf? (we have a separate post about that pattern for next week, too)

while the last shipment of our fall in full color club (how can it possibly be the last one already??) is going out the door

a fresh batch of big boxes has arrived with supplies to kick off our spring/summer barenaked club. mister knitspot was nearly engulfed by them the other night as he counted, sorted, and found places for everything.

we’re pumped—we’ve settled on our packaging and presentation; the design work has commenced

and barenaked beach has begun to get ready for the crowds to arrive. everything is ticking along in anticipation . . . we’ve still got spots open at all levels—come join us!

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  1. Hi Anne-I have the same problem with my sinuses when the weather gets dry. I use one of these every day for about 20 minutes-it’s boring but keeps me feeling good-no headache or dizziness, I hope this link works-if not then just look up “personal steamer” on Amazon.

  2. I love your packaging for the BKK – just the thing! Hope your sinuses are ok for your flight – nothing worse than being on a plane if you’re feeling congested. Mind you, the weather in CA sounds pretty perfect and you will be able to enjoy the beach! Have fun!

  3. Did I really see the word SLÖFOCK or am I dreaming?

    Sinuitis is dreadful. I cure it with hot ginger tea which I buy as a powder in shops that stock asian food.

  4. David looks so adorable in his new hat and mitts!

    Carol, thanks for the steamer link – I suffer from sinusitis all winter. Maybe I’ll try Anna’s ginger tea too.

  5. I love the simpleness of the plain brown bag with a sticker 🙂 It fits with the idea of the club (which I’m sad I’ll be missing…but maybe I can get in on the next one).

  6. A perfect time to reiterate how much I value and appreciate the creativity, skillfulness, time, preparation and commitment that you and David have given/give to FiFC and now the Barenaked Club, Anne. I am so looking forward to the last shipment, and the beginning of a new fibre adventure!

    Ditto with a hot ginger drink for sinus. I boil up lots of fresh ginger (you could breathe in the steam as you do so), add the juice of 1/4 of a lemon and honey. Wishing you both a restorative vacation with Kim!

  7. The slöfock hat and mitts look great on David! I love the new packaging for the Barenaked Club and it can be recycled which is awesome.

    I hope your sinuses feel better. That is never any fun. Especially when it’s disturbing knitting time.

  8. The excitement builds! Love those plain brown wrappers.

    Are those persimmon trees across the street from you?

  9. David looks great in the Slofock hat and mitts. Very stylish. Love the packaging for the BareNaked club. It’s going to be fun!!!!

    Hope your sinuses will feel much better in sunny CA.

  10. We have to run humidifiers all winter long or else we will be miserable. It is a commitment because you must keep them clean. They make quite a difference in how we feel. I like the ginger tea and personal steamer suggestion! I’ll have to try it. I came here for knitting and came away healthier! 🙂

  11. This slöfock hat and mitts make Mr Knitspot look very handsome. He’s one lucky man to have a designer willing to cover him in her woollen love all year round! I’m really looking forward to see the finished sweater, although it might become a dilemma whether to cast on René or this new one! A turtleneck variation of René would be awesome, by the way.

    I’m very jealous of you being able to ride your bikes at this time of year, and with fingerless mitts !

    For the sinusitis, there exists some saline solutions to rinse the nose and sinus, it might help. Wearing a scarf over your nose when you run could also help, that’s what I do when I go running or cross country skiing when the temperature goes down below -15°C.

  12. Mr Knitspot definitely brings swagger to his knitwear. And I’m totally in love with the denim bandana… this might be the pattern that makes me cheat on my crochet hook. The design and the yarn choice make sense in such a pleasing way!!

  13. Definitely come to the sunshine! It’s been gorgeous here 🙂 And the hat and mitts look fabulous on David – great colors.

  14. Looking forward to seeing you and David! I think you’ll be juuuuuust fine here. . . . In fact, you may not want to go home!

  15. WOW…maybe one of the days I’ll be able to join the club! As much as I TOTALLY love your patterns I know I’d love your yarn choices for the club!

    Mr Knitspot is dashing in his hat & mitts!!

  16. I am so in love with that shawlette! I will be watching that one as it goes along. It looks like a complete delight to knit!

  17. Great knits! I am so excited to see those bags for the club in Feb! Wow, I will be getting one–so excited!!

  18. The weather here in San Diego has been absolutely wonderful. I hope that you are feeling all better before you have to get on an airplane. Feel free to let us know if you’re going to be spending any amounts of time in public places while you’re here! 🙂

  19. Same weather here, and my sinuses are not happy either. I’m not so much dizzy as just slightly nauseous off and on throughout the day. I hope getting away helps you!

  20. SO EXCITED FOR THE BNC! Love the packages and can’t wait to get one.
    Wondering if the Shalimar Honey will pill much…might use some of my extra skein of Briar Rose 4th of July from Fall in Full Color club to make this new hat and mitt sett….looks great!

  21. A little off-topic, but I’m completely charmed by your neighborhood–love it when you post pics of it. But when I looked again, I realized that I used to live in a neighborhood just like it in Normal, Illinois. Lots of Prairie style, Craftsman and some Art Deco. Beautiful houses. And I lived in one of them. I miss the house, but I don’t miss Illinois. Being from the south it wasn’t the cold that bothered me, but the length of the winter. By March my life-long biological clock was saying, “Enough-already!”

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