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our first pattern of 2012 covers lots of bases—it’s sized to fit every family member, its appeal is seemingly universal, it’s a good traveling project, and it’s just the right kind of knitting to cuddle up with in on long winter movie nights. you might even say it’s a home run.

AND it’s endorsed by david; need i say more?

the cap is lusciously slouchy when knit up in a soft light worsted yarn. here we used a variegated yarn with a tweedy look, but it would be super elegant in a solid color.

it’s versatile too—the brim is completely reversible to turn back on those windy days when you need another layer over the ears. or, if you prefer a thicker hat knit from a stout bouncy yarn, you can knit with smaller needles or go down a size for a watch cap with turned-back styling.

the mitts have a sculpted thumb gusset for a great fit and are textured all over to match the brim of the cap. just enough to keep things interesting, but not so much that it scares off the guys.

they are entirely interchangeable—no left or right orientation to confuse the little ones. and, well, i think most of us find that handy when we grab accessories on the go.

all in all, a great mid-winter knit to fill in the gaps where christmas knitting did not suffice. you can be done in a flash, before the real cold even hits.

shown above, the largest adult cap and the second-largest mitts in shalimar honey worsted, a soft, superfine merino 4-ply that is machine washable (i was stunned; it doesn’t feel like superwash).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to kristi and paul at shalimar yarns for introducing me to this lovely worsted wool—it’s one of the nicest i’ve knit with lately (they always surprise me!) and of course their yarns are right at the top of david’s list of favorites.

kudos our good friend barb, who took the pattern home last wednesday night and emailed friday to say she had finished a set in the largest child’s size—and then thanked ME for it. that woman deserves some yarn . . .

thanks also to dear lara, who has had WAY too much fun giggling over the name of this pattern and sending me new variations on the theme, haha—she also took the pattern and a skein of shalimar honey worsted in black truffle and turned it into an FO overnight; how can i ever thank her? she says she’ll post her new cap and mitts in the black truffle colorway later today on the shalimar blog.

and finally, thank you david for being a good sport and pulling off a great look for us. you’re no slouch—you know how to work that slöfock just right.

27 thoughts on “slöfock

  1. No, you don’t need to say more.
    They are both lovely 😉
    Och du är svensk, du!
    Hälsningar från Danmark!

  2. Anne, you just keep putting out great patterns and I’ll never be able to keep up! I want to knit it all. :o)

  3. ROTFL… Oh, Anne… your way with words rivals your designing acumen. 🙂

  4. David manages to carry off the slouchy hat look with such panache! I don’t think Mr JK could manage that – he is better with a beanie!! How lovely to see some winter sunshine (and to imagine the warmth you are going to experience later this week!) It’s always good to find a ‘nice’ superwash yarn – perfect for non-knitting friends who bung everything into the washing machine!

  5. Did you get clearance from David with that name? Hmmmm…. or did you get him to pose first and then let him in on it?

  6. David looks so nonchalant and pulls off the new combo nicely. I’m afraid to try and say the name of the pattern for fear of slöfocking it up. 🙂

  7. I think you need to make David a badge for the website, like the Better Homes & Gardens Seal of Approval, only for knitterly purposes. 🙂

  8. Thanks for a great slouch hat pattern. Just in time for my son…he needs a bigger hat to accommodate some post cranial surgery swelling. This is stylish and big!

  9. I love this pattern so much Anne. It’s perfect for everyone plus it’s a fun and easy knit too. And you know I love the name!

    Pictures will be up on the Shalimar blog in the morning 🙂

  10. Gracious, methinks I see a twinkle in David’s eye! He has always managed to do the “serious model thing” but I think even he cannot resist the chuckle-enducing name. Slöfock, indeed. This one is as good as my father-in-law, as a young man, asking my very Victorian grandfather if he had seen the latest phoques on the beach. (phoques=seals in French) FIL laughed about that one till the day he passed away. Thanks for the memory.

    Cheers, Barbie O.

  11. Anne these both turned out so lovely! And blue and brown are definitely great colors on David 🙂

  12. I Love the hat! I’ve been making hats for my boyfriend and his friends and they all push back beanies to have a little bit of slouch…. I don’t know when this became popular, but I love the look on them and mr. Knitspot!

  13. What a great pattern and of course – a handsome model! I love doing lace patterns, but sometimes a good, sturdy, warm item is just what’s called for and this one sure meets the bill. Love it!

  14. Anne, this is another fab pattern! I got lots of hat requests over xmas after they saw the hats I made for their little ones so this will fit just right! What a great pattern to show off handspun, too! Hope you’re having fun with Kim and that you both are finding some time to gorge on chocolate!

  15. I had a GREAT time yesterday torturing my sweet mother by trying to get her to choose whether she liked fartlek or slöfock better.

    She finally said, “the blue pooty hat.”

  16. Will this pattern be availalbe on ravelry—I much prefer to buy my patterns there, where they are stored for me electronically…

  17. That was laugh-out-loud, spit-coffee-out-nose-and-on-computer-screen funny.

    Great pattern too!

  18. I tried to make a slouchy beret, and it came out the best that it could, I suppose.

    I’m a tight knitter and crocheter, so it didn’t come out exactly how I thought, but somebody bought it, so hopefully they liked it.

  19. I have to say, Anne, you have one cute and stylish guy!!!

    And your knits, of course, are perfection!!!

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