a rockin’ saturday . . .

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well. you said you wanted the bee shawl and i guess you weren’t kidding.
anne and i are just flabbergasted at the response to our project—thank you everyone for your warm wishes for its success and the fabulous number of orders we have received. what a high.

i spent a lot of time this weekend printing patterns to send to anne, but i took a break on saturday to work in the garden too.

nothing calms me quite like hauling rocks, and i had been meaning for some time to work on the edging for the asparagus bed. and do some weeding, ahem. everything is producing now and it’s a wonder

crawling around under the leaves to find hidden treasure is like being underwater a bit. saturday night i made ciambotta with squash, tomatoes, and peppers from the garden. mmmm. next time, we’ll have lots of these to add to it.

i can’t get over how many eggplant we’re getting. you can accomplish a lot with a little help from your friends.

and i got some knitting done, too. the orchid lace mitts are really coming along nicely—i think they will be just what i imagined

the orchid lace lies along the side so that the glove has an asymmetrical design. i’m just starting the thumb gusset, for which i hope the chevron lace can be repeated. of course it will all look a little more elegant when it’s done and blocked. i love the snug fit and the lightweight fabric. the fearless fibers merino has an unspeakably delicate quality that i wanted for this project.

and speaking of deb’s yarn, she’s having a sock club, too. the theme is “the seven deadly sins” . . now who could resist that? i’ll be designing a sock for the last shipment of yarn to go out for the month of november. can you guess which sin i am?

and i have now four (i think) socks on the needles. two of them i am holding back on showing (for now at least) because i’m hoping that they’ll turn out to be designs that i will submit somewhere.

i’m still cranking away on the ones for the yarn4socks (october) club. i just can’t decide yet about the placement of the lace for the final design, and i’ve only tested one heel.

here’s cookie’s heel, which i used the baudelaire pattern to construct.

when i got it done, i was sure i had screwed it up . . .it just doesn’t look right when it’s laying there, or hanging from the needle either. finally, last night i put it on a piece of scrap yarn and tried it on.

well, it’s just like stacey and clinton always say—you have to try it on. seriously, looking at it on the needle, i would neve have thought this heel would fit me well, since i have a rather narrow heel. but it fits a LOT better than i thought it would, though for aesthetic reasons, i think it could be a bit narrower on the bottom side.

tonight i’m going to try wendy’s heel on the other sock. i’ve heard good things, so i’m pretty psyched.

i do like the lace pattern swirling around the leg though . . . it has quite a bias to it so i’m just letting it twirl.

the openwork of the lace is working well with the striping in the yarn too (this is the longER colorway; the other sock is in the longEST colorway).

one thing that i thought would be a problem is how the striping behaves once the heel is done. there’s no way around it that i know of to get the shading to work really well after the detour for the heel, besides splicing.

i figure that if someone wants to splice it, that’s fine, but i don’t think i will write it into the pattern, because if i splice the yarn to look nice on the front of the ankle, it will be off on the back. meanwhile, the lace pattern does a pretty good job of distracting me from the all that.

i am going to be SO busy these next few months . . . i have a number of design commitments to fulfill. some of them i’ll be able to show you and some of them not—to my great regret, because we have SO much fun with all that.

ok, one last lovely outdoor shot to end today (i think i hear david fixing food in the kitchen—FOOD, snort, snort!)

isn’t the coloration on this lily amazing?

25 thoughts on “a rockin’ saturday . . .

  1. The sock looks great! Love the way the pattern wanders around the leg.

    The pictures of the garden are lovely. And that lily is so pretty. It looks like it has been splashed with color.

  2. Your sock looks great. Interesting and unusual!

    Oh the fun of your garden. Maybe next year… the baby won’t be such a baby anymore and I’ll be able to get outside without worry of her eating EVERYthing!

    I’m having fun with the Summer Fun socks!

  3. I see you found yourself some lovely rocks just there in your own kingdom, that’s good 🙂
    The lily colour combination is lovely, will make a nice yarn I think. And is it ok to say that I am not too fond of that heel? or is it a no no?

  4. your garden is really cooking along! those eggplant are adorable. Jamie has decided he wants a smelling garden full of things that smell good.

  5. Did you splice the yarn in the sock in the photograph? The “striping” looks quite consistent to me. Anyway, if you did splice the yarn, you should write that into your pattern–or else you should knit a sock without spliced yarn to use in the pattern photograph. I get very cross when the pattern instructions don’t replicate the item in the photograph!

  6. Oh, I don’t know–lust, maybe. Hee. Hee. Hee.

    Signed up for that Club in a flash–You are right, just couldn’t resist the 7 Deadly Sins combined with one of your patterns. 🙂

    Thank you for all the garden pix–I have herbs in pots which are great–but I really envy you your produce.


  7. Guessing which sin you are? My bet would be gluttony. Why? Hmmmm… maybe the way you wrote food in capital letters somehow seemed to be hinting at it… 😉

  8. Mmmm eggplant! I would put all my garden ingredients in an eggplant parmesan…

    Please keep showing us that gorgeous pink/red/green yarn – I am in love with those colors.

  9. Those socks just rock Anne 🙂 I still adore that yarn and lace pattern! OOOHHHH that lily…..Anne, I could paint that lily it’s so beautiful to me. Wow, now how could you ask for anything more beautiful than that. Just everything about is wonderfully perfect.

  10. Well, as Enabling isn’t one of the 7 Deadly Sins, your options are wide open.

    The mitts are looking niiiice…can’t wait! Well, I can, now that I say that – still haven’t finished the scarf, LOL!

    Oh, and nice vegetables. 😛

  11. beautiful beautiful lily, she looks as though someone came along with a watercolour brush and made a few sweeps of vermillion, and went along their merry way…

  12. That’s the true sign of a yarn addict, when you look at totally unrelated things (like flowers) and think “yarn”! (I do that all the time. Drives my hubby nuts).

  13. I really like the looks of that sock! It’s beautiful. I have yet to plunge into the toe-up thing with socks… I’m not feeling comfortable with the thought, but let’s see.
    Oh, and I promise to wait patiently to see what you have up your needles 😉

  14. Your garden is looking wonderful! I am amazed at how much further ahead it is than ours up here in the North. Love the melon!

    Your lace socks are very pretty….I wonder, will it be possible for them to be knit from the top down too?

  15. those are great baby eggplant – so cute! (and so purple!) that heel is very neat – I haven’t knit those socks, so I haven’t tried a toe up flap yet. very interesting….I was so tempted by Deb’s sock club. One of the most reasonable for one of the best sock yarns out there! and one of your patterns to boot!

  16. I see what you mean about the striping after the heel on the sock, but I really like the way it looks. Seems to work with the lace pattern, a very organic shift.

  17. Why of course everyone wants the Bee Shawl kit, it’s gorgeous! If I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in UFOs right now I’d order one too. If you ever put a book together you’d be on the best seller list. Your garden is wonderful. I bet it smells heavenly to walk amongst the dill and tomato plants.

  18. I think that the color worked out very well around the ankle. At least on the side in the picture.

    As for your sin, would it be lust? 😉

  19. Yes, I think we need to add enabling as one of the sins. I’ve ordered my bee shawl kit and now am looking at the Fearless Fibers sock club!

    Love the garden – reminds me I need to go and weed!

  20. As always, your projects are beautiful!
    Just wanted to let you know that I finally finished knitting one of your designs – the Japanese Feather Stole. I just did a blog post about it if you’d like to see the photos.

    Thanks for a great pattern!

  21. I dithered about that sock club for the better part of a day because I have never done such a thing, but I did it!

    I will soundly and happily say it’s your fault that I have seven skeins of beautiful yarn to look forward to.

  22. Is ther a pattern for the fingerless gloves??? OHHH please please let there be one… I have a fettish for fingerless glove patterns…..

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