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i’ve got a LOT of secret knitting on the needles right now and i feel bad that the blog is getting a little short-changed in terms of project prøn. it’s killing me, because nearly everything i’m working on is something i think you guys would like.

if it makes anyone feel better, it’s all secret knitting that NO ONE can see except me and david and one carefully-chosen test knitter. it strikes me that i’ve gotten awfully used to, and quite dependent on, sharing my knitting with others. what the heck did i ever do with it before the blog?

i guess knitting just wasn’t so much of a social tool for me before . . . hunh.

after a mad flurry to get the first BNK club packages out the door and the first eBook chapter done, we are very much looking forward to the weekend. david and i are driving to michigan for a meeting and a little sightseeing—it’s our first time there, so we’re looking forward to it.

i’ve barely thought about what knitting i’ll bring, but certainly david’s sock will come along

look—i’m about to start the toe shaping already; i’ve gotten a LOT of sock knitting done this week. i think we’ll be able to take pictures and release the pattern soon—maybe monday.

and i’ll take the sweater and a couple of secret projects too—i think i’m going to some decent knitting time over the next three or four days and it couldn’t have come any sooner for me; i really need a break from sitting at the computer.

and the weekend starts now—we are headed out on our bikes to do weekly errands in a few minutes. we have a nice curry all set for dinner that i just need to cook rice for and after that, i’m settling in to knit, either here or at a friend’s house.

have a wonderful, restful weekend.

20 thoughts on “drive by post

  1. Just saw the BNK pattern and it is just gorgeous! Almost makes me broody!!! Hahaha! Have a great weekend away – I think you and David deserve it after all the efforts of launching the new club!

  2. I cracked up when I read, “nearly everything i’m working on is something i think you guys would like”. Like there is hardly ever anything we do NOT like?! When was the last time the blog feedback about a new pattern was something like, “Seriously, Anne? This is what you made?!” ;^) Have a safe trip.

  3. doubt there could be an anne pattern i did not love. can’t wait to see what you are dreaming up. have a great weekend.

  4. I know what you mean about sharing the knitting. Fortunately I rarely have constraints on my sharing. I am not sure how I would bear up under the temptation. LOL!

  5. LOL. I just got the first BNK pattern and I’m already jonesing for that sock pattern. Have I no shame?!? They are lovely.

    I’m going to cast on for the club project just as soon as I finish this post.

    Thank you, Anne and David, for ALL you both do for us. Hope you have a fab weekend. You all deserve it.

  6. Anne…seriously….we LOVE all of your patterns! I am finally working on Leaving and love your genius! Such a well written and enjoyable pattern!!

  7. I agree with the comments above. All your patterns are well written and things I would knit. I’ve just started Boxleaf triangle and am waiting for the yarn for Rosebuddie.
    However i have missed the work in progress pictures on the blog which were helpful and inspiring especially for the larger projects such as the shawls and blankets.
    However you only have a finite amount of time and I should be knitting and not surfing the net!

  8. Hope you and David have a wonderful trip. I’m originally from Michigan and still have close relatives there, so I’ll be interested to hear where you two go and what you do while you’re there.

    Oh, and I love the BNC pattern!!!!

  9. I can totally relate to being accustomed to sharing my knitting on my blog and then that awkward feeling when you are working on a stealth project and can’t share.

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