passing the torch

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well, it’s official—there’s a new face in the knitspot family; welcome erica owens!

our majordomo position has grown to the point where beckie was finding it a bit too much on top of her full time job. when she decided to pass the torch, i was at my wit’s end as to how we would fill her shoes. the few people i told assured me that the right person would come along, not to worry. but still i fretted.

after weeks of searching, i happened to whine mention to erica that i was starting to panic about ever finding the right person, when she cut me off and said, “i’ll take the job”

WHOA! what??
i never dreamed she’d be interested, but now i was listening.

yes, she said, i’m needing to make some changes and i’m super interested in working with you; let’s talk it out. so we did; we had a meeting with beckie and david and shook hands all around. it was a great solution for us all.

we’re very excited about the road ahead; we think erica has a lot to bring to the table and we know you’ll love her too. she will join david and me in making sure our customers—that would be you—receive the best care and quality we can provide. she will also traffic a large share of our communications (i.e., the mountain of email that comes through here daily), manage and facilitate the teaching/travel schedule, help me with sourcing/tracking supplies for design and club work, be our eyes and ears in the knitting universe (AKA marketing guru), and manage myriad other aspects of the business, yet to reveal themselves to us.

phew—i’m so glad we figured that out; i’m thrilled with our solution.

last weekend we traveled to erica’s home in michigan for another meeting to organize her beginning workload. we got to meet her husband matt (he’s great) and of course, their dear doggie buddy

who inserted himself into david’s affections right away (who could resist?), thus managing to secure a modeling gig in the sock photo shoot (and probably others to come; move over helena).

buddy appreciates the hand knits socks as much as david does . . .

we had a very productive weekend and got lots of work done. we also got to see a little bit of the detroit area, ate some terrific food, and even test drove a car we’ve been thinking about buying. and we knit together, yay.

on sunday, in fact, we ate lunch near the rust belt market, where each weekend, a collection of local artisans, antique shops, and unique retailers gather to create an open market of their wares.

everything from vintage clothing to curiosities to pies is represented.

we may have gotten a bit sidetracked at the bath savvy booth—david and i are quite fond of handmade soap. our selections included tea tree, oatmeal, and lavender.

from another area shop, erica bought me this very cool mug for a birthday gift—it has a pocket on the side that acts as a handle, but also as a hand warmer. now THAT is something i can use; my hands are always cold. it feels really sexy too; if you’re into hot drinks, you’d like this. and it’s offered in both left- and right-handed models—check them out.

on monday we got up extra-early and headed out into the cold on a secret adventure. i can’t disclose where we went YET, but the day was glorious and the drive was beautiful. while everyone on the other side of the road was heading IN to work, we were—literally—heading out into the wild blue yonder.

as the sun rose higher in the sky, i was able to begin my favorite passenger seat occupation besides knitting—taking photos out the car window.

it was a great day for it, too, with brilliant light on frosty landscapes right up through early afternoon.

david and i had never spent any time in michigan, so this was a real treat. we got to see some of the landscape (gorgeous), and our adventure was a great success (more on that at a future date). all in all, a wonderful day.

on tuesday, it snowed heavily, delaying our start toward home by a few hours. we didn’t waste it though—we spent that time on another errand, which was test driving a car we’ve had our eye on. haha, it’s sometimes hard at home for us to tear ourselves away from work to accomplish these things.

anyway, lots to think about when we finally did hit the road home.

it’s been cold here in the midwest, but still not snowy—in fact, we’ve had lots of those brilliant days this month. the effect of all that sun on the unfrozen ground has produced a very early sprouting of crocus, daffodils, and all  manner of spring bulbs.

oh joy! i can hardly believe our luck.

hyacinth too. mercy me.

plenty of knitting happened both here and away; i’ll show you my progress photos next time.

for now, one last sprout that will knock your socks off

NOT ME, you silly gooses, haha!

it’s erica—she’s having a baby. go give her a cyber hug, ok?
(and for the record, i had no idea of all this when i decided on this month’s club knit, hee-hee!)

30 thoughts on “passing the torch

  1. Congratulations, Anne, on finding that perfect person to replace Beckie…ummm, no. Finding the perfect person to follow in Beckie’s shoes.

    And congratulations to Erica on becoming the newest team member…AND, most importantly, on becoming a mom. Hope your pregnancy goes well and you have a safe and healthy delivery.

  2. Congrats to all of you, and for so many different reasons. I look forward to seeing how your partnership blossoms.

  3. I had no idea you had someone that worked with you to help with all the amazing things you do. Congrats to Erica for the job and her upcoming new addition!

    I love that tea mug with the built in hand warmer! What a great idea!

    Happy knitting!

  4. Thanks to Beckie for all her good work! And welcome to Erica and her impending new addition!

  5. Yeah for the end to you guys worries Anne and David. Sounds like a Godsend to me. Wonderful news on both fronts Erica. You’ll both be so amazed at how much love you can feel for your baby. Enjoy.

  6. YAY, I’m so glad Erica stepped up to the plate and volunteered for he majordomo position.

    Welcome to the KS family, Erica. And congratulations on your pregnancy! Good news all around.

    Love all of the pictures of the Michigan trip.

  7. how exciting!! (for you guys and for erica!) sometimes, changes are really so exhilarating and energy-giving. hope this new chapter is filled with wonderful experiences and adventures – i’m sure it will be 🙂

  8. I love Rust Belt Market – you weren’t too far from my neck of the woods! 🙂 And the Chevy Volt is way cool, love that car!

  9. wonderful erica!

    congrats all around!
    and i must confess that i’m selfishly very glad that’s not our own Lady Knitspot’s sonogram — i’m too addicted to your knitting & blogging to want you to share your time with any new little people!

  10. Congratulations to everyone! Such happy and exciting news – makes my heart smile.

    And best wishes to you, Beckie, as you transition your work to Erica’s very capable hands. I can imagine that it might be a little bittersweet.

    Hugs all around!

  11. What a glorious solution Anne! And congrats to Erica! SO excited for you all!

    And I can’t wait to hear more about that secret you have a brewin’!!!!!!

  12. Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to find out what you were checking out in Michigan.

    I have the same handwarmer mug and love it!

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