hot waffles mitts and hat

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quick. cute. toasty.
just the thing when the sound of sleighbells
is bearing down.

Hot Waffles Mitts and Hat

shown here in Cascade 220 superwash color 815, black
to purchase pattern, or for more pattern information, please view this product in the knitspot pattern shop.

another pattern that would not have gotten here as quickly were it not for my dear friends. i sent it to debbieKnitter last evening around 8 pm and by 1am she had a pair of mitts all knit up (and is on her second pair now). then there is rachel, who dropped everything today to go over the pattern and make sure all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted (she doublechecks the numbers, too, isn’t she great?). many thanks to you both!

19 thoughts on “hot waffles mitts and hat

  1. Seriously Ya’ll…..ya NEED to get this pattern. This photo does NOT do the pattern justice. It is so cute, I already have 4 in que to make for gifts. I ADORE this fast, easy and cute pattern that can be unisex by just switching colors….oh, and if ya need help choosing colors, just ask me, *giggle* I’m FABULOUS at it, right Anne *grin*

  2. I’m laughing at Debbie’s comments about her eye for color! ha!

    I love this pattern, and I’m ready to start it immediately! I have presents to get finished up and I’m not moving as quickly as I’d hoped.

  3. As I have been on a hat kick lately — (Seriously, I’ve knit 4 hats in the last 10 days and cast on for another oen last night) — this will fit in perfectly. Off to shop!

  4. Great mittens!
    So a thought occured to me the other day(well, actually this same thought has occured to me many times, this is just the first time I’ve remembered to ask you…); What do you do with all the shawls you design and knit? Do you keep them? Give them away? Some of both? You seem to give away a lot of other things you design, but you haven’t mentioned the final resting place of any of the shawls.

  5. They all look so warm and toasty — your mail carrier has to be the luckiest one alive (maybe I’ll look into a career change…)!

  6. Wow….you truly are cranking things out! You go grrl!!! I love that these are knit in a heavier weight yarn! Very nice!

  7. OMGosh.. I blinked, and you had written 4 posts while I was at work.. did I pull a rip van winkle or something, or are you just the queen of completions?
    rock on my friend. lookin’ wonderful – all of it.

  8. Thank you so much for this! I bought it as soon as I saw it went up. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to knit my husband for Christmas. You read my mind! A hat! And matching mitts! AHH! I’m so happy. Thanks again!

  9. You’re quite the enabler, I tell you. I just bought some Cascade 220 (not superwash though) yesterday. Hmmmm…. What EVER will I do with it? 🙂

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