a good start

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i don’t think i could even dream of a nicer classroom than this—isn’t it gorgeous?

at any other time of the summer it’d probably be too hot to do this, but this weekend it’s perfect—cool breezes coming off the water right across from the front of the house, lovely filtered sun that completely negates the need for lights, sigh.

this is the scene from our yarn voyage class yesterday, which kicked off our retreat weekend. for three hours, we talked about all sorts of yarn characteristics and what makes which yarn right for what project. it was a lively, fun exploration into fiber, what makes it tick, and what choices make our knitting successful or not so much.

afterward we ate dinner and knit late into the evening together in the comfortable seaside surroundings, getting to know each other a little better.

i was in bed by 12:30; another record for me!

i wanted another shot at seeing the sunrise and i managed to get outside for a long walk just as it was rising. i headed around the island for a nice brisk walk along the water and snapped this photo at the island marina. everything is asleep here still—summer hasn’t quite gotten off the ground. but soon . . . i’m told that tiki bar opens next weekend.

7 thoughts on “a good start

  1. Nice Sunroom I could use something like that here all summer. Your sunrise shot was most beautiful thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks heavenly! Glad you are enjoying a great retreat and had another lovely sunrise.

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