now it’s snowing . . .

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each year it seems, just when we start thinking about spring and green shoots poking out of the earth here in ohio, nature has herself a big, huge belly laugh, tosses her head, and the winds howl, the temperatures plummet, and the snow begins to fly like nobody’s business.

maybe we won’t get as much as our friend kim is getting slammed with in new hampshire (click on her name, scroll down and just take a look at that snow—oy!), but boy oh boy, is it coming down. all my teacher friends are doin’ the happy dance; this is the second day running that schools have been closed. there will be much shoveling in my near future.

other than that, it’s a good day to stay in and knit (oh heck, when isn’t it??).

yesterday in class i finished up the second sock of this fine pair.

the pattern is all written and test knit; i’m just waiting for the resident sock model to rise from his beauty sleep to snag a few photos.
these are just the rugged, cozy, handmade-top-to-bottom kind that david loves. if he doesn’t immediately need them for this year, they will go on the sock shelf for next winter.

i’ve already got the yarn wound for the next pair, which will be knit with the pavé pattern we all enjoyed so much in the paris-roubaix mitts.

this is some stunning briar rose grandma’s blessing that chris sent me after christmas; she dyed up a few different yarns in dark combinations for all manner of manly knitting. it’ll be gorgeous in the pavé pattern.

i dunno though . . . i really REALLY like it myself. i mean for myself. i just might—by accident mind you—cast on not enough stitches for a mansock, then knit real fast to some point past the heel and then pretend i am too lazy to rip back and reknit. heck, yeah—i just MIGHT.

meanwhile, i am well on my way to the toe of the newest lovely

which is basking in the glow of your nice comments and effusive compliments; there’s practically no talking to it i tell you.

i’m liking it very much myself. for those who missed the information in the last post, the yarn is dyed by kim at the woolen rabbit, but will not be available in her shop yet (though you should go over there and look around . . . her stuff is amazing).

instead, this sock will be available as a kit from yarn4socks as the april installment of their sock club. but here’s the cool part: at yarn4socks, anyone can preorder and purchase single club installments. so if you love this one, you can order it here. the pattern will also be available as a standalone item in my shop, sometime near april 1st.

i’m writing that up today and sending it off to jocelyn to test knit.

on sunday, beckie came over to knit for a few hours and i worked on gale

it’s just about to the halfway point now . . . and you know that’s always an inspirational point for me. this is a truly relaxing knit that i can do anywhere, so i save it for when i want to talk or when i’m tired.
the custom-blended cormo/angora yarn from wooly wonka fibers is the closest thing to handspun that you’ll ever find in a millspun yarn. it will make a great kit with this pattern. it has the rich hand and singularly quirky qualities of yarn that i spin myself.

except i didn’t. so if you don’t spin and have been wondering what we all go on and on about, take a hike over to [the other] anne’s shop and look for her custom-blended artisan yarns. sometimes she has them and sometimes she doesn’t . . . they appear as they are available in small lots. it’s like a treasure hunt, see? a serendipitous stroke of good luck if they’re there, just another ho-hum day of her regular gorgeous booty if they’re not.

and the color, not shown to its full advantage in that photo, shifts elusively from one tone to another in a haunting, stormy-sky way which makes me pause every so often and just stare.

actually, it will go well with the socks, no? hmm, next time i’ll get a photo of them together.

15 thoughts on “now it’s snowing . . .

  1. I really think it should snow more in your area – gosh! it seems to bring out such gorgeous knitting. And yes, accidents do happen to knitters all the time, and one doesn’t always feel like tinking/ripping back 🙂 ps- I really like the links you provide, I almost always click on them!

  2. Lovely stuff, as always! I wanted to thank you so much for sending the beautiful Briar Rose yarn to me. I’ll start knitting it up right away! (Hee hee, I’m rather giddy with the thrill of actually knitting with something non-acrylic – woo hoo!) You’re the best! I got the pattern, too!

  3. You’re right, the April socks go pretty well with Gale… Actually, if you start matching your socks to your stoles, you’ve got the perfect excuse to keep for yourself the Briar Rose yarn: wouldn’t it go well with Simurgh? (Ok, maybe it’s not a perfect match, but from what I can see on my monitor, it works – and well, you didn’t need a perfect match as much as an excuse!)

  4. I love the “rugged” pair–they look marvelous against the sheepskin. Initially, I thought you had photographed them on a snowdrift!

  5. I love those socks I love those socks… And the stole is turning out so beautifully — the color is stunning, and you’re right, it looks like it would go perfectly with the socks (maybe they’re in your size?).

  6. Oh my….I missed this one. The April Sock is looking wonderful!!! I love the pattern, it just flows in and out with the colors in the yarn. Just beautiful!

  7. here i was thinking that the snow shawl was keeping away the real stuff…i guess i spoke too soon!

    that grandma’s blessing IS a lovely yarn – i can’t imagine why you don’t want to share it. 😉

    gale is also quite lovely. dangerous to visit around here…

  8. I’ll have that thar yarn up for sale once you get that beautiful stole finished. I have a somewhat limited amount, so I am waiting for just the right moment to pop it into the storefront. 🙂

  9. I love those socks. I’d knit them in a heartbeat for hubby but he appears to be even more magpie than I am and likes his sock yarns loud and variegated. I’ll have to see what the stitch pattern looks like in a variegate. Otherwise I might just have to only make them for me.

    And “gale” is looking so beautiful I’ll have to remember to check for the kits every day.

    This really is a dangerous place to visit. So naturally, that’s why I am here every day.

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