So Square Sock

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I don’t know why my heart blips, I only know it does
I wonder why I love you baby, I guess its just because
You’re so square, baby I don’t care

—buddy holly

shown here in handspun Coopworth sock yarn

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22 thoughts on “So Square Sock

  1. I get to go first…whoo hoo!!! Anne these are GREAT socks! I think Ken would love a pair and goodness knows I have a lot of natural roving kicking around here. I really like them a lot!

  2. These are wonderful! I can’t wait for the next design too! You do such great work with texture patterns. So many socks are lace, but my feet are COLD. I just don’t want to put holes in my socks! lol!

  3. Okay Anne. This is crazy. First I stumble on your blog maybe a year ago because of some bookstore moment with you and the Harlot that she linked to your blog, I see your work and I am forced against my better judgment to learn to knit something challenging for me. Something more than a large stockinette rectangle. And now… now I am knitting lace and crazy right this very minute over the Briar Rose yarn. But now… you do this again. You have no mercy do you. Now I must learn to knit SOCKS for cryin’ out loud. Because these… These make me KNOW I MUST LEARN to knit socks and I no longer have a choice. Another lovely reason to use Grandma’s Blessing, and it ain’t called that ‘fer nuthin’. You knock my socks off Anne.

  4. Great — I’ve been putting off learning to knit socks. I told my husband I hadn’t seen any manly foot patterns. And what do you do — put up the perfect pattern for him. He’s got size 13 feet!!!! Arghghgh

  5. Oh Anne! You’ve done it again. My son is having a test at children’s Hospital tomorrow and we’ll be there for 23 hours. All day I’ve been wondering what knitting to take that will be interesting, but isn’t too large. Tonight you’ve given me the answer. Bless you!!!

    P.S. Love the Joni Mitchell version of that song…..

  6. My goodness. A lot has happened since I have been away. Your socks are beautiful and the yarn that yarn you are planning to start for the next pair. I can see how one can accidentally did not cast on the right amount of stitches for a larger pair of socks.

  7. Makes me think of the Huey Lewis and the News song “So Hip be Be A Square”! Beautiful sock and lovely handspun!

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