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sometimes something so unexpected happens that i have to rethink a project completely.
and then it just turns silly, because choices seem to multiply like mayflies.

i started out looking to knit a sock that was a spinoff of the paris-roubaix mitts

but when i knitted it up using the same stitch pattern, it didn’t look like the pavé pattern we all know and love. not at all.

it was tiny. but cute. not really what i was looking for—but i liked it. so i decided to keep it on the needles, but try another version to see what i could come up with (poor lisa; i had sent her the pattern already to test knit when i realized it might not be what we wanted after all—YIKES. but she’s a great sport and was happy to wait a day or so til i got it right.).

that’s more like it. that’s the pavé i wanted. (isn’t the yarn beautiful?? it’s grandma’s blessing from briar rose. i am completely entranced with how subtle and mysterious it is.)

here they are together

(isn’t it crazy how different the yarns look when you put them in different light?? the first photos are more true to the real color . . .)

i love them both. the daintier one is knit with some woolen rabbit merino superwash that i’ve had for a while called burgundy bean and sure enough, the motif looks like coffee beans. i bet it would look amazing in some chocolatey-black yarn . . . . maybe this one even

uh-oh—now i like it in both colors too. will i ever stop driving myself crazy??

22 thoughts on “two 4 one

  1. No, no you won’t. 🙂 You drive us all crazy with this amazing talent of yours. I love watching your thought process. and for the record I like them all!

  2. No. . .you’re driving me crazy, because I want it ALL!!!!!! I love both patterns that emerged!

  3. I could totally see using the larger pattern for men and the smaller for women. A very nice matching set. Hmmm — could be a good in-law gift.

  4. The tiny one does kind of look coffee beanish! It looks great in that yarn. I really need to try some sock yarn from the woolen rabbit. I am always drooling over them in your pictures.

    I started on the larger one last night. The yarn I’m using looks so much better with it. I think the tiny one is meant for a darker more subtle yarn than the green I am using.

  5. I’m partial to the tiny one – I imagine that it would have a nice slimming effect on my chubby ankles 😉

  6. I must admit, I really like the first one!
    I like them both (of course), but the first one seems more like the pave ….
    and if I could knit only one — it’d be the first one.
    Choosing between the yarns, however, would likely cause a complete meltdown. They’re both so lovely!

  7. I love the burgundy bean one and both yarns are delicious!

    Anne, I sent you an email via the pattern site regarding the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry…did you get it?

  8. Anne- I want to be you- wonderful dyers throwing yarn at me- and seeing the stuff before everyone else.

    You lead a charmed life- burgundy bean.

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