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third in the “little nothings” series. at just one ounce, this nearly weightless rectangle is sheer softness and light. an arabesque motif with crisp, pinwheeling lines, punctuated by enlarged yarnovers is all that’s needed to make this a stand-out accessory.

shown here in dicentra designs laceweight alpaca, colorway paprika.
stick pin by rosemary hill

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a round of applause for rachael who stepped up once again to test knit the pattern (go look at her new haircut, it’s so cute!).
and a standing ovation for our other dear rachel, for once again checking all the details to make sure it’s right.

36 thoughts on “alhambra

  1. I agree! Lovely modeling job Anne. I adore how you changed the “presentation” for each photo… and thank you for telling us where you got the shawl-pins.

    Congrats on another pair of wonderful-little-nothings!

  2. I really like this. I like the organized movement flowing around the open spaces. Sometimes I see water flowing and other times I see a trellis.

  3. Okay FINE! I’m going to have to knit a scarf now.
    If there’s going to be fourth in the little nothings series, count me in for test knitting… sigh.
    I really really like this one though.
    Must finish socks first.

  4. OOhh….I LOVE Alhambra all blocked out and I am smiling extra big as I think my scarf is going to look very much like that fabric wise…yippee!!! I am halfway thru it and highly motivated now to finish her this weekend šŸ™‚

  5. love this one – the other is lovely too, but i love RED and so this is my fav.

    question – what is the pattern for your lovely sweater/tunic? love it!

  6. Bravo for your post about designing and originality, and more than that about the current trend of nastiness in the community. I am pretty fed up with it myself and while there is some value in informing the community of truely scamming businesses, this should certainly be a last resort after the proper private communications have been made to no avail.

    Now on a more cheerful note; Nice scarves! šŸ™‚ I think I’m partial to Alhambra, it’s that wavy back and forth texture that appeals to me. I am an ocean gal, and even though the yarn is red I see waves.

  7. It’s beautiful! I really, really like the red color, and the yarn works wonderfully with the pattern. Bravo for you last post too…

  8. It’s lovely, and the color is perfect too!

    I admit I am once again perversely fascinated by a piece that is not the focus of the post. That sweater….! I love it! Although I never ever want you to stop designing lace, I think we need a knitspot sweater pattern stat.

  9. ok, that is stunning. I picked up the colorway when you first flashed it (it is soooo my favorite color), but I may have to toss aside several WIPS and start that today. Sweet!!

  10. Oh, I so appreciate your hard work to finish BOTH scarves at once! I just know you don’t sleep. This one is gorgeous, as well, and I love the story behind it. The color of the yarn is awesome! I hope Dicentra Designs has a lot of this color on hand, because the owner is going to need it! Alhambra is definitely the dominant of the two, a completely different emotion is evoked! I love them both.

  11. as much as i love the scarf (you are a constant danger to my ever-expanding project queue), i have to jump on the bandwagon of being entranced by items that are not the focus of the post – i LOVE that sweater, and i’m curious about the *other* shawl pin you show, the leaf one – is that also a rosemary hill?

  12. Is it listed on Ravelry yet? I need to add it to my favorites. I’ve been so wanting to knit something with laceweight yarn. This just might be it.

  13. Both scarves are gorgeous — but I have to say Alhambra is my favorite of the two. I love the way the pattern just dances, and I’m a sucker for that color, too.

  14. Question for the expert šŸ™‚
    and I do consider you an expert! šŸ™‚
    Do you prefer blocking with blocking wires or string? Is one easier to use over another?

  15. I think this is my favourite so far! I think that every time I see your latest mind you! I too am really taken with the leaf pin, is it a OOAK? or available elsewhere?

    Keep Well šŸ™‚

  16. Love everything about the scarf, the shape, the color. Just gorgeous. I also love the leaf pin is it available? (well, not YOUR pin, but perhaps one like it! šŸ™‚ )

  17. I am in love with this pattern. I commented for the first time to the kerfuffle, so wanted to be sure to comment here with a simple drool! I bought the bee stole pattern and then subscribed to the blog. I’ve not been disappointed. BTW, I’m a new beekeeper, so the bee path stole was meant for me, I’m just SURE of it!!

  18. I love, love, love not only the scarf, but the fact that you give links to the yarn AND accessories!!!!!woo-Hoo!!!!

  19. This is lace for someone who doesn’t like lace. It’s modern and bold. It is *not* soft and flowery/feminine (which I resist, and so much lace fits that essence). I’m bold rather than soft… no matter how hard I tried as an adolescent to be demure to match my petite frame. This lace could work for me.

    The only other lace I really love is your Hypotenuse stole. I’m going to knit that one someday.

    You rock!


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