i’m in a different world

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the view from the plane as we landed in san diego . . . . more later.
knitting and outdoor activities are happening and i have progress and family photos (and the dogs).

10 thoughts on “i’m in a different world

  1. Did you see the Sierra Madre fires from the plane? It’s so amazing seeing forest fires from the sky… though i do feel awful for the people in it’s way!

    Have a GREAT time in SD! 🙂

  2. Yup. Looks like southern California, all right. Bumpy landscape, dry as a bone, a little fog or smog or haze or something clouding the lower atmosphere. Welcome!

  3. LOL I was always that way as a kid when approaching the ocean through the mountains – sure I’d spotted the endless blue way before it was possible.
    On closer scrutiny, my guess is the picture is looking north towards more mountains fading in the distance. sigh

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