oh, and here we have the back yard

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kim likes the socks i gave her. these are the first pair she’s had for herself. something tells me she might end up on my sock list.

i landed yesterday around lunchtime and snuck up on kim at the airport

you remember her, right? i just love kim, and it’s so good to be here with her family. they have the coolest house and yard, that they have been building over the last number of years. we are eating citrus fruit and juices right off the trees out back

i feel so spoiled, and david is so jealous (he’s home right now, planting our front hill with ground cover to try to stem the erosion we’re seeing there. sounds like WAY more fun than hiking near the ocean all afternoon).

and of course there are pets

this is pal and chica (guess which one is which . . .just guess. i’ll give you a hint: chica was rescued at a taco stand in mexico). there are more (and more odd) pets but i haven’t gotten their photos yet.

not to change the subject too abruptly or anything, but this is a knitting blog and i though you might like to hear a little about that too. last night while we watched pheonix get spanked by san antonio, kim and i worked on our knitting.

i was pretty exhausted and disoriented from the flight, so i cast on for my new scarf in woolen rabbit whisper lace yarn, and settled in with the easy-to-learn pattern.

on the plane i finished up the first spectator sock,

while my seat mate simmered about having to sit next to me with my “weapons” (he was a little disgruntled that i got to have weapons, but he had to leave his liquids behind. sigh)

since he was so nice and friendly, i couldn’t help but tease him by proceeding to knit for the whole 5.5-hour flight. i put a bunch of work onto the star shawl too.

ok, we are heading out to cole’s volleyball game, so i’ll be back later with more. i got some awesome pictures today at the ocean.

23 thoughts on “oh, and here we have the back yard

  1. Oh my! great looking pool and I am really glad some people eat/drink their citrus fruits, around here you see so many of those rotting on the trees! I will tell you in private how Joe handles this situation,,, 😉

  2. What a beautiful pool (the better to wear your very pretty swimsuit in) and garden full of oranges. Who would want to go indoors? Enjoy your magical stay.

  3. Mmmm that fruit looks scrumptious. And the pool that appears to be hanging on the edge. Enjoy hanging out there and being with your friends. Do Not Feel guilty about David!

  4. It looks like you’re having a blast! Kim, you’ve got my five orange trees beat all to heck (and that pool!) 🙂 Good for you for tormenting your seatmate (some people just ask for it…)!

  5. Awww, you’re making me homesick! Luckily I’ve got a sister near San Diego and we’re scheduled to get out there this year. Have a wonderful stay.

    Love the new scarf (but don’t I always) and I’m sorry about your unpleasant seat mate on the plane but I think you handled it very well!

  6. When I went to Japan, I was armed with the list of allowed and prohibited items in flight, so that NO ONE could challenge my knitting. A 13 hour flight without knitting? I don’t think so.

  7. You’re going to have the best time! I love the new socks. Say hello to Kim! Remember all of the details!

  8. Catching up on your posts.. I did a double take thinking “That’s her backyard?? Wow! Lucky woman!” and then looked more closely and read on. What a lovely way to spend some time away from home! The scarf pattern is wonderful btw. Love your form of muggle torture! 🙂

  9. What a beautiful home, and nice job on your next scarf! Hope your flight back is next to a knitting sympathist, lol!

  10. Hi to Kim!! What a beautiful home she has and what a wonderful way to relax after a long flight. Have fun!

  11. Why do I live in New England when I could have a view like that, and citrus trees…? Sigh!

    And I’m sure all the air marshals had their eye on you, the dangerous woman with the pointy sticks. Ready to take down an airplane full of innocents with your DPNs! Ha!

  12. what an awesome setting. i’ve heard a couple stories lately of people scared of knitters on flights and it just makes me laugh. what can we do with our needles that the business execs can’t with their pens? so silly. the new scarf is looking good!

  13. Sheesh. Did he complain about the pens or pencils the other folks on the plane had?

    The scarf looks cool. I look forward to seeing it blocked out. I wanna see if I really am getting better at guessing what they’ll look like. And I love that backyard! That’s almost enough to make a gal consider a move south. ‘Course I still want to be able to wear sweaters so maybe better not…

  14. How great a name for a sock to be knitting next to someone on a plane who is constantly commenting on said knitting!

    And, as I’m sitting here, dazed as a daisy because I did too much today (Ithaca’s world-famous book sale IS on, you know, and I just had to go see if there were any cool knitting books there for on-the-cheap, even though we did miss the first week. BLAST!) and my back is very, very mad at me, I was quite convinced in your entry up yonder that instead of sea-foam, it in all reality and fact, WAS a gorgeous white lace frothy something soaking in wool wash, and I was squinting at my screen trying to determine what, exactly, it was! Hahaha, oh meds and pain, what WON’T you do to the active imagination? LOVE IT! And yes, Virginia, there IS lace everywhere 😉

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