spectator sock

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here’s something to hide under those navy/charcoal gray/black suit trousers. or knit them up in team colors and flaunt them with shorts and crocs at the ballpark. this one is sized for everyone but the smallest sox fan, and can be knit in a variety of yarn weights.

shown here in socks that rock medium weight, colorway haida (use instructions for one size down with heavier yarn). or use the lightweight if you have it.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to view the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to tina, the incredible dyer at BMFA for creating this elegant colorway and passing some my way.
and to debbieKnitter, who test knit the pattern and instantly let me know it was cruelly addictive (poor steve; his weekend was a little less, um, playful because of her sock. oh well).
and to rachel, of course. who WILL be a test knitter, too (that’s a promise rachel). she swears it will improve her proofreading so i gotta give in, right?

and to david, who is patient about all things, especially me, yet manages to make socks sexy.

19 thoughts on “spectator sock

  1. I LOVE this sock. (and pretty much every pattern you create) But now I am conflicted. I bought your So Square sock pattern to make for my dad for father’s day but now I want to do this one, too. Perhaps my husband will be getting these. Must get busy.

  2. Not many men can pull of sock modelling, but David’s got it down (work it, baby!). Those socks are stellar, as always; they’ve already gone onto my list o’ socks to knit Rick. 🙂

  3. Very attractive! I’ve been taken with this design ever since you started talking about it.

  4. great socks… but I have to admit that I must stalk your blog way too much as, during lunch time, I saw a picture of the socks pop up on Ravelry, and just KNEW that those were David’s feet.
    he is a great sock model! but was he happy about that working shot of him the other day? lol

  5. sexy socks.
    nice photos.
    a great combo of yarn and pattern.
    and it looks like yet another one I will need to add to my list 🙂

  6. Awesome socks! And I just happen to have STR mediumweight in Tlingit here looking to become some new man-socks…perfect timing, Anne!

  7. They are great Ann. You know I love all your patterns but have yet to buy one … I just can’t choose!!! Thats mad isn’t it. Could you please put them all in a book then I can just buy that! 🙂

  8. Just a quick query – what size did you make, what size are David’s feet and how much yarn did it take?! That’s 3 queries, but you get the idea….!

  9. ohhhhh these socks are GREAT!!! I at first started out to make them for hubby but then heard 2 hanks of Lorna’s Lace sock yarn calling to me…..I HAD to oblige! The socks that started out for hubby, turned into MINE,MINE,ALL MINE mmuuuwwaaahhhhaaahahaha!!!! oh and even for ladies, they are nothing short of “specTACULAR” baby!

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