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a luxuriously gleaming diamond pattern points the way on this elegant top-down sock, enhanced by yarn with a bit of shimmer. of course, if toe-up is your thing, this one converts easily.

shown here in briar rose fibers grace, a soon-to-be available merino/bamboo blend; colorway is blues and greens. chris’s sea pearl merino/tencel blend can also be used for a similar effect.

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thanks once again to manon for a quick and thorough test knit (she’s so good!), and to debbieKnitter, who tackles all tests (even camping) with enthusiasm (and is so good!, and to steve, her saint martyr husband, whose idea it was that we really REALLY needed a diamond sock. and to rachel, who makes sure (many times over) that the patterns are as good as we can make them.
thanks everyone!

20 thoughts on “Luxor

  1. Awesome! This may be the first sock I think my husband would wear if I knit it for him!

  2. Fabulous socks! They almost look like argyle in some shots, and oscilating diamonds in others. Clever.

  3. Gee, there’s SUCH a difference in the two socks–inquiring minds want to know: Did David notice? Who would have thought that turning the pattern on its head would change the look so dramatically? Beautiful socks, especially the second one, and a fine name!

  4. Lovely socks! The color shines! The name! I hope you picked it for the city?? I think I know why if you did.

  5. lurvs me those socks.
    and the bamboo blend will be fabulous for a guys sock (rough and tough..) let us know how it stands the “test of time”

  6. *packing my knitting bag with enough yarn to secretly make (saintly) Steve a surprise luxor in some yummy Briar Rose* ummmmm, anyone know if campfire comes outta sock yarn???? CAREFUL how you answer that hehehehe 😉

  7. Those are great, Anne! You should add those to your Man Socks list! I’ll probably end up making these for hubs. Nice dress socks!

  8. I really like that yarn too. And I love the multi-sizing. Means I can make matching socks for everyone. Ok, that’s definitely too cute for comfort. So not matching for everyone. Just the DH & DD….

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