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my little buddy. he comes to snack right near me now.
i’m sure he is edging for a photo op—he’s a blog ho now.
he wants you to check out his muscles

WHAT a weekend. full of meetings
but the good kind—where you can be a shameless people watcher and participant, under the guise of working very, very hard.

(abby, i am deeply apologetic that janel, the author, stuck her camera in your face in the least blurry picture i have)
it just went on and on, meeting after meeting—all business, all the time

ok, some of them may have involved mostly food, drink, shenanigans, and photos all around.

sorry about the blur . . these two never stop moving. ever.
you should see some of the photos i have. i should be getting paid not to publish them.
a blur of harlot hair everywhere, i tell you.

at another grueling lunchtime industry function there were the usual suspects

(clara, franklin, cat, janel, and stephanie, hamming it up once again)
i’m telling you, the stress was excruciating.
(here’s another usual suspect. sheri thinks she can hide behind the camera, but she’s way too adorable to make that work very well)

if we didn’t know we were working very, very hard, we would have thought we were having a very, very grand time together.
there was even a performance piece

involving dry ice supplied to stephanie by cat bordhi (which can only turn out oddly, but we all understood it somehow and were transfixed with making it work).

i did see a lot of yarn. i can’t show you most of it since cameras were not allowed in the exhibit hall, but i can show you the nice package that i got in a spritely goods-knitspot handoff

hmm, gray and greeny-yellow . . . you think stephanie has my number or what?

there were other goodies, though i did not load myself down with too many freebies (ok, i was too dumb to get on the bandwagon for book signings . . . just wait til next year)

i was given a gift of some lovely wool soap

which i promised to experiment with and blog about. i am looking for a replacement for my beloved meadows wool wash which louet is not producing anymore (drat, and more drat). though i did snag a case of quart bottles before it completely disappeared, i fear there is no more after that is gone (fortunately a little goes a long way). and sorry, i just have not cottoned to its replacement product.

on the other hand, the optimist in me feels that surely they will see the error of their ways and begin supplying me with meadows again.

in the meantime, i am trying to find a nice soap to use for everyday gentle washables . . . something to help stretch out my supply of meadows if you will, which i can then reserve for the most valuable wools.

this stuff is promising; i’ll keep you updated.

i also partook of a free mini yoga session halfway through saturday that was completely refreshing, so i purchased the DVD offered by the vendor who was teaching it

in the hopes that it will augment my paltry yoga practice of late.
of course i did not refuse chocolate in any form at any booth.
or cards

these will remind me to touch base with the people i ran into all weekend.
(bob, if i don’t email YOU, please don’t take it personally)

and naturally there was knitting. plenty of it actually. . . .

i got my second shifty sock to the heel and then needed to leave that until i could check it against the one i left at home.

so i traded that out for my scarf after a bit

and got some decent mileage on that.
here we are, the last ones standing on saturday night—jess and casey, mary heather, cookie, stephanie, and me.
i, of course, was standing behind the camera.

and we all determined for sure that cookie likes me (she likes me!). and indeed, the two of us found many miles of terrain to agree on.

(i like you too, cookie! i am totally gonna show up for a visit some day—you wait and see).

sunday morning i got up early and left to come back to the ranch . . where it is quiet and peaceful and HOT. i worked in my garden for a while to get back in the groove of home

my painted ferns finally got homes in the ground.
i am entranced by them . . . the colors are so ethereal, and different on each one.

ok, let’s end with a puzzler; i don’t know what this shrub is, but i bet someone out there does know. it’s growing in a very tight wedge of space between an enormous oak tree and the back fence.

i tried to dig it out when it was younger and smaller (i was hoping to make it more of a feature in our yard then), but no go. and it seems to like this spot. i still would love to move t least part of it to a nicer location some day.

it has a heavenly scent when you get up close . . a little like lilac, and the leaf is similar to that shrub.
my mom had one at our family home and she used to called it “bridal bouquet” but i don’t really know if that’s the right name. here’s a closeup

anybody know anything about this one? thanks!

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  1. Your shrub is a single mock orange, from the genus Philadelphus. There is also a double form, but the single is divinely fragrant.


  2. It’s a single Mock Orange bush. There are also ones with double flowers, double mock orange. Mine are blooming, too!

  3. Dog Rose sprung to mind! But I am no expert……Philadelphus sounds better!

    I love the pictures!!! I adore your little scarf!! Did I miss the pattern Ann or is it in the offing? 🙂

  4. Definitely Mock Orange. We have a giant bush of it in the back yard and all of it is blooming right now. The whole yard smells heavenly!

  5. Aww cute bunny! Love the photos of TNNA. The Yarn Harlot has a good one of you on her blog too. I really do have to figure out some sneaky way of getting to go there sometime. It looks like knitters’ knirvana.

    To me Mock Orange really does smell a lot like real orange blossoms (much more like that than like lilac) but it looks about right and since orange blossom is a commonly desired element in bridal bouquets I think your mom’s name is probably another name for Mock Orange and that is what you have. But I’m no horticulturist. One look at my yard would tell you that.

  6. Mock Orange. for sure. wonderful shrub, one of my ALL TIME Favourites… absolutely. You can cut a few branches, bring them in, put them in water and enjoy, they might just root and then you can plant them ‘wherever’ you heart desires :^)
    Love reading about your TNNA time, yowza.
    I had to laugh about the ‘harlot hair everywhere’ but oh mercy, how I LOVE that Harlot’s hair!
    That’s the cutest little blog ho I’ve seen in a long time…..

  7. I’m glad you had a good time! It was fun seeing all the pictures. What was really cool was seeing my favorite designers all hanging out together. LOL…

    So — where’s the book deal?

  8. By the looks of your pics, it seems like you had yourself a fantastic time. Hope those new soaps work out well for you. It always makes me sad when something I love using gets discontinued too.

  9. Cute bunny. We have a few in our back yard and there are some in the grass eating on the road to work.

    I have to check out that yoga tape. It sounds great.

  10. Oh, you lucky girl! You have so much fun! It’s already been determined what your shrub is, so I’ll not even say it! Knitters are so smart! I’m very interested in the Yoga book. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Drat! I too saw that shrub/flower/vine at our local garden center – but at the time it was 40 degrees…I told myself it smelled so wonderful I would rember the name and come back when it was warmer to buy one. (Well and I had to find a place to put it.) Can I remember the name? Nope – other than the one I wanted started with Apple ……. It was an intoxicating clean scent, not too floral – palate clenseing for the nose *grin*. Off to the Google I go.

    TNNA – looked vastly fun – between your accounts and Yarn Harlot’s – why can’t we all be invited? *grin* Thank you for sharing your kniting and travels!

    Happy Knitting 🙂 (need to find the name of that flower….because I don’t agree with the other posters!)

  12. Clematis – yeah I found it – heck its even an evergreen. Armandii Apple Blossom. Gotta love the Google!

  13. i’m glad you had a good time! all that yarn and fibery people, how could you not?

    but how do you manage those bunny pics? i’m in awe. or maybe a little jealous…

  14. I can’t help you with the flower……..but I can tell you had a blast on your trip!! It looks like it was SO much fun!

  15. Your painted ferns are just beautiful. I adore looking at photos of your garden – and your little friend there, they are pretty darned cute 😀 Such a pleasure to meet you, perhaps we can do it again some time!

  16. There’s so much to take in, and all I can think to say is how handsome your rabbit is!

  17. Looks like you had a great time!
    I love ferns, and your painted ferns are really beautiful. Now, I have to find out if there is a spot in my (future) yard that would be good for ferns…

  18. Single-track mind here again. The scarf is turning out even lovelier than I hoped!

    I know socks are in, but I think I might be a scarf addict–even though I don’t wear them that much.

    Envious of all the photos. Lucky everyone! It looks like such fun!

  19. I thinkit is Philadephus (city of brotherly love) but I don’t think it is a vine, I think it is a delicate shrub.

  20. This is definitely mock orange–my house in Cleveland is virtually surrounded by them. But pay attention–my husband and an old friend are both violently allergic to them. Husband literally chokes if he tries to trim the branches. Beware the magic branch!

  21. Those meetings looked really tough to get through. How I envy you. It looks like you had a really great time.

    Mock Orange, also known as Syringa here in Idaho. It’s our state flower.

  22. What a great day, all those people to meet and I do like the idea of the givaways, great bits and bobs!

  23. You obviously had way too much fun! Thanks for all the great shots of our favorite designers, bloggers, and all-around yarn people. (And I like the Harlot’s shot of you on her blog, too!) I always suspected you were a party animal, now there’s proof!

  24. I so love your garden and the pictures you share. They are nearly as wonderful as the knitting you do!

    I’m so glad you all had such a good time at TNNA. It’s nice to have a gathering like that for your peers, idols, I-wanna-be-just-like-them-when-I-grow-up, how-do-they-do-that, awesome people!

  25. Wow. Great eye candy all around. Love the mock orange, there was one in my yard growing up – divine fragrance! What fun you had!!

  26. Your little friend is so cute(the bunny of course). Let us know how you like the yoga video I purchased so yoga stuff this weekend and I would like to find some good video’s.

  27. Wow! Looks like a really fun time was had by all, eh? Next time, score more free goodies!

    My gram had a big mock orange tree (bush?) at the end of her slate patio. We used to sit under that in a glider after we got done in the garden in the summer to string beans or just relax and watch the horses and the sunset. I don’t think those grow out here either…..

  28. Anne – Indeed it is a mock orange (I have a mexican mock orange that is a perinneal by the front door)……….I can smell it all the way from Oregon!

  29. Hahahaha! Well, just you wait — I think the only picture I have of you (from the same dinner) shows only half your face peeking out from behind Cookie. It was great to finally meet you!

    We get bunnies here, but they totally wouldn’t hold still for a photo. Your bunny pal is super cute.

  30. definitely philadelphus or the mock orange.
    Mine, here in the UK, is also about to burst into bloom

  31. Mock orange FTW! We had one in our yard when I was growing up, and yes, it had a heavenly aroma. Truly heavenly.

    I’m glad you had such a great time at TNNA! I hope you have come home with your creative batteries fully recharged. 🙂

  32. Oh, too late to be the first to tell you it’s a mock orange! TNNA looks like it was totally grueling and exhausting. Good thing you’re back home with Mr. (Ms?) Bunny now!

  33. Philadelphus is lovely. There is a much daintier bush (spiraea something, I believe!) that is known as “bridal Wreath”, but that scent, though equally divine, is much more like honey and it is an early spring bloomer… at least, it is here in Europe and in England!
    Just love having a blog that combines knitting and nature ;))

  34. Too late for me to inform you as well! I was just out lounging in my swing, taking in the drunken scent of the mock orange, it’s unescapeable right now, as I have a hedge row of them behind my home.

  35. it was sooo good to meet you Saturday night during all the Dry Ice Chaos! (I’m the one from Hoboken, NJ!) I am just still trying to recover from all the fun I had at TNNA… just nothing like it!

  36. Yesterday I took my Mom to have her wrist cast removed. There in front of the clinic in Millersburg OH was a Mock Orange in bloom! She reads your blog also and we looked at each other and laughed. A good day.

  37. Yes,philadelphus it is, I live in Paris France (well, 20km out) and mine is blooming right now too. Love your blog.

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