we have roses?

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this rambling rose hardly ever actually puts out flowers . . . maybe a couple each year. and truthfully, i’m not a big enough fan of roses to go after a good crop; i marvel at them as growing things, but i don’t have a particular passion for them.
for some reason, this year they have come out in masses—the shrub is loaded with ’em.

(that’s just part of it). it might be that the generous compost in the asparagus bed on the other side of the fence is helping out.

ok, full disclosure: i have virtually no knitting content i can show you today. i spent a lot of time on secret knitting the last two days (which is progressing swimmingly), and very little knitting time on anything else.

i have sock progress, and that’s about it.

so i thought i’d talk about something very important that we have done each of the last two years here in june. because june is the month that claudia does a big bad bike ride for MS.

this is a cause that is very dear to my heart, and i like to help her achieve her fundraising goal in whatever way i can.

we lost my dad to MS four years ago. MS is degenerative disease of the central nervous system, which often results in disability, and has an unpredictable pattern or prognosis. you can read much more about it here.

a lot of progress is being toward finding a cure for this terrible disease. fundraising helps to keep research going, as well as offer support and services for people living with MS.

since claudia’s bike ride and knitters against MS fundraiser always coincide with father’s day, i like to create an annual booster drive in honor of my dad to make readers aware of her fundraising. last year knitters raised a whopping $40,000.

usually we have a big raffle to-do that accompanies this booster drive, but after some consideration, i decided not to do that part this year. we will keep it pure and simple and give from the heart.

i am making a $500 matching fund available. the event will occur on the weekend of june 28-29, so we have 18 days to spend it—last year, it took less than 3 days to go through it. i’ll give $5 of that amount for every reader that leaves a comment on any post between today and the 28th to say they gave (you don’t have to tell me how much, and it can be a donation you already completed before today). if we use up the whole $500 in one week or less, i will add a bonus amount to that. the goal is to send me to the poorhouse—make me give til it hurts.

so please, give to this great cause, and help me spend my money!!

and for that, you get more roses

ok, so it’s not the prettiest rambler, but it has some charm, right?
no?? well then, how about a pepper

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  1. If there’s matching funds left, I finally made my yearly donation to Claudia’s ride. You’re awesome for doing this!

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