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Hello, thank you, thank you to all that have become members of the Fall in Fall Color 2012 club. This has been a most rewarding endeavor for us at Knitspot in so many ways, especially when you love what you do. With the conclusion of the previous FiFC, there were many requests for additional memberships from those that missed out. Once sold-out, it is very difficult—really impossible—to obtain more yarn, due the exclusive nature of the club. That said we increased the number of skeins available this time, which means there are memberships available. Those of you debating to Join, please know this, Knitspot clubs are a singularly extraordinary experience. Many members have shared such sentiments, and how we treasure these most endearing comments. Let us examine one aspect of the club, take the selection of club yarn, a process so meticulous that it can only yield perfection.

May I offer an example from the final chapter of the Bare Naked Knitspot club, a few excerpts:

my initial vision for the final month was a large scarf or stole project in a floaty, sheer silk yarn, but i wasn’t sure about sending out a super-fine silk yarn. 

i began to suspect that compromises were in my near future, heh. i was determined to exhaust my options however, so along with beckie, set to work tracking down possible sources. when we received sample cards from treenway silks, i felt like we’d hit the silk motherlode—the array of wild silks in all colors was just what i was looking for; they monopolized my attention and imagination.

i immediately seized on the wild muga as my favorite—the dark, golden tan color was exactly what i wanted for our club. the yarn was very fine, however and i was pretty sure our membership would be happier with something heavier. so we began talking about a custom spinning order.

with the knot in my stomach growing ever tighter, i reported in to susan who was anxiously awaiting my feedback. i poured my doubts out to her like a barfly weeping into my beer and she wrote back with a few gentle suggestions and more helpful information about handling silk. by this time, i needed a break so i put my first swatches aside to think about things for a few days.

i couldn’t be more happy with the results—they feel especially sweet in the face of all the unknown factors leading up to the finished design. but in the end this is just the reason i wanted to do this club—to explore the beauty of unusual fibers, to experience true adventure, and to celebrate the results, no matter where our travels landed us.  —- anne hanson

I hope those excerpts relate some of the indelible attributes of the club, I do not think you will find this elsewhere. Join Us here. Also, have look at the Ravelry clubhouse for member’s impressions; members are an integrable part of the club, in the clubhouse you will find this great community, sharing ideas and banter, not unlike a knit night.

Below, photos of FiFC 2011 yarn and project:

FiFC 2011 Shalimar Club Yarn, Breathless in Colorway Hazel Leaf


Brief description of the FiFC 2012 Club: click here for more information

An exploration of beautiful fibers and colors, intermediate fall and winter accessory projects. Each project is designed by Anne specifically for a custom yarn, to be portable and fun, appropriate for gifting or keeping as a special treat to oneself.

A selection of hand dyed yarns, as well as new collaborating artists. a range of yarn weights and luxury fiber blends (mostly animal fibers).

One yarn and pattern each month; substitutions will not be possible. eBook(pattern only) option does not include yarn.

Patterns, designer notes, and photographs will continue to be delivered monthly in chapter format via PDF download, each one spotlighting the yarn of the month within the background story of the design inspiration, process, and seasonal influences, along with biographies of our collaborating artists. The full set plus cover file may be compiled into a complete book at the end.

FiFC 2011 Blocked Hazeline Shawl

FiFC 2011 Hazeline Shawl Finished


Would love to see more international members, we have members from all over Western Europe, but none from Eastern Europe, a few from Japan and Thailand, also no members in Africa, South America and most of Asia. Australia and Canada are nicely represented, two from New Zealand, but none from Iceland. Please spread the word. A special shout out to Megan from Australia, she sent a wonderful care package some months ago of which included a beautiful cowl, can hardly wait for fall to wear it, thank you so much Megan.

Those of you with Pattern Only memberships, can easily upgrade by purchasing a full membership and requesting a refund for your Pattern Only membership. Already have a Full membership and want to become a double dipper? no problem, just add the Yarn Only option, perfect for larger projects or gifts. Sign in to your existing club account, click “add/renew subscription” tab, and then select appropriate option from pull down menu of “membership type”.

Please share this post with a friend that may be interested in joining a really rather special knitting club, you might even say incomparable.

We would love to have you Join Us.

Thank you.


Mister Knitspot

11 thoughts on “a word or two from Mister Knitspot

  1. You do have 1 member in Africa (Madagascar), my mail just goes thru VA to get herE 🙂 !!

    Couldn’t agree more about the amazing yarn selections in BNK club and can’t wait to see the choices for FIFC!!!!!

  2. I started out last year as pattern only and regretted it from the first shipment! I have belonged to quite a few clubs and by far this is the most enriching and fun of all. Not only do you get exclusive, wonderful yarns, but you get a thorough understanding of the fiber’s properties, the thought process of how Anne comes up with her patterns and several options that cover multiple ways to utilize her selections. Not to mention the clubhouse! What a wonderful community it is! From my first post, I was welcomed and felt right at home. Don’t miss an opportunity like this. You won’t regret it!

  3. Thank you, Mr. Knitspot! We appreciate all of your work as well as Anne’s! I especially like your comparison of the Ravelry clubhouse to a knit night…that’s EXACTLY what it feels like! Looking forward to another great club season. (and thanks for getting my “beer” shirt in the mail so quickly, can’t wait to receive it!)

  4. Thank you, David, for all of the hard work you do for all of the clubs. You are loved and appreciated by all of us – moderators especially.

    This was a wonderful post. Hazeline remains my favorite club pattern from any of the clubs. Anne’s work is brilliant and I’m so glad she shares her talents with us each month.

    I know your home has been transformed into KS Central with all of the yarn packages coming in and then lovingly packaged going out to all of the clubbies each month. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    I hope a lot of people will take advantage of club membership. Best clubs ever!!!! KS clubs rock!

  5. Thank you for all you, Anne and the rest of the knitspot team do to give us such a wonderful club. Although I am pattern only this time around, I know I am going to savour reading the chapters each month. Anne is so generous with her knowledge. We are so very lucky that you decided to have a club. xxx

  6. Thanks to all KS team members and the moderators too. You are a very important part of this David.

  7. Hello David, it’s always lovely to hear from you on the blog, we do really appreciate all that you both do for us 🙂
    How are you going on the matching mitts?
    Kind regards

  8. I’m still trying to convince my family that I really need a belated birthday pressie. but given that I am in Australia and we are in the middle of a massive lounge room renovation, they keep saying; “You want to spend what! on what! (don’t you have enough wool?)”. Maybe next year. I’ll have to save….

  9. Really enjoy your post’s David 🙂

    FiFC is by far the best club Ive been in. The patterns and yarn are amazing!

  10. After passing on FiFC2011 I pounced on BareNaked and have been blown away with each shipment. You, et al, have allowed me to learn and experience so much, there’s no way to thank you enough. Silk was the most wonderful fiber to end the 2012 club.
    I JUMPED on my chance to join FiFC2012 and am getting antsy knowing the time is drawing near.
    I appreciate and ♥ each and every ounce of love and effort that you all put out there just for me! ! ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I’ve having a love affair with the knitspot clubs ! ! ! ! ! !

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