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I have had the Whitfield Shorty on the needles for quite some time. I just couldn’t seem to diligently work on it. It was always packed in my knitting bag, dragged from place to place. I needed some fire under my butt to get this done! Especially if I wanted it finished by my due date.

Enter Ravellenic Games. I read the thread in the ravelry mothership group and jumped at the chance to join Team Knitspot. And…magically one of the events involved WIPs. Whew! I entered my cardi in WIPs Wrestling.

I dragged my Shorty out for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

and worked on it daily any chance I’ve had to catch some of the Games.

I’ve knit at the pub during lunch with Matt

and at the dealership while my flat tire was repaired.

I have finished the back and now I’m on the right front!

This competition is just what I needed!

Isn’t is strange how we know things about ourselves, but choose to ignore them? I’m a person that needs goals – in any aspect of my life. So why is it I think I will finish a knit project by a deadline without setting up a timeline for myself?

I always admire Anne as she works through numerous projects, all for specific release dates. She is so structured and loyal to her deadlines. The only way she accomplishes her goals is by doing some daily knitting – whether it’s so many rows or chart repeats. I’ve thought about this a lot this week as I’m so pleased with my own knitting progress. I think this is the way I need to knit now – daily or weekly goals. Imagine the projects that would turn into FOs and not permanent WIPs!

I did enter two more events in the Ravellenic Games – Hat Dash and Mitten Medley. My goal is to knit the Sky Cap for myself and some Handsies for Baby Knitspot.

I have yet to cast these two on, because I’m addicted to my Shorty. But, I have a few days left of the Games and I keep all my projects together and close at hand in my Knitspot tote.

Yes, all those project bags plus patterns and my notions bag fit in that well structured tote. These totes have been around for awhile only given away to contest winners and people close to the knitspot family. But people kept seeing them and saying, “when will they be in the knitspot shop?” Well…your wish has been granted! You can buy them here.

There’s also a great knit night t-shirt for sale, too. It’s the shirt that was a donor prize Yarn Harlot blogged about when she was raising funds for her bike race. Speaking of Stephanie, congrats to her and her team for crossing the finish line! What an accomplishment and we’re so proud to be one of the sponsors! Amazing goals were met by her whole team.

Knitspot headquarters is just humming and the blog needed a guest writer. I appreciate you all taking the time to read my post as I give them a writing break. Anne is diligently working on TONS of secret projects and David is hard at work getting the 1st shipment of FIFC out to all the international members. Isn’t that exciting? I can’t wait to get mine! And if you think you lost your chance at being a member, dry your eyes. There’s a few memberships left!

Well, I must get back to work. I have some goals to accomplish today too. But before I go…a baby update.

In his last ultrasound he looked like this

and this week he is the size of a watermelon – 6.5 pounds and 19-22 inches!

Baby Knitspot arrives in 20 days…

24 thoughts on “Goal Knitting

  1. YEAAAAA for Baby Knitspot! I know this feeling – can’t wait – want to wait – can’t wait ! Bless you and your wonderful little one.

  2. Isn’t technology amazing? Your son has your nose! What a cutie pie. And you look great too. Glowing, as they say.

    I love the color of your Whitfield Shorty. What yarn did you use? It’s going to be so cute.

  3. You are so right about setting goals. I started Anne’s design Isodora for Ravellenics, but found the initial repeats required full on concentration and the project wasn’t working (at least for me). So I decided to do one repeat daily and am on target to finish one week after the closing ceremonies. I will also complete a Wingspan during the games. It’sall about making a plan and revising rather than giving up!

  4. I adore the colors of the Whitfield Shorty! Blown away by the clarity and detail of the ultrasound. Now I want to make one of these sweaters, but there are so many UFO’s at my home that I’m drowning in them.

  5. what an awesome post! i love that you talk about goals and how to achieve them. i think i’m freaking out a little bit after seeing that watermelon; something about that visual is deeply disturbing, haha.

  6. So exciting!!! Can’t wait to see the baby, nothing better! And you look beautiful in the pic as well!

  7. I was all set to offer my Briar Rose 4th of July for trade until I read this and saw your photos…it really does knit up nicely over a large expanse…I like it far more than I realized…Back into the stash it goes…=-) Love the ultrasound pic, amazing!

  8. I love when there are guest writers on the blog, but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out who is writing. May I suggest a line at the top saying who is writing the blog post? Thanks

  9. What an amazing scan of Baby Knitspot…the details are incredible. Love the fruit comparisons as well. If Baby Knitspot is on time or a little late, he/she will be a virgo. Virgos are good people. 🙂

  10. The baby looks amazing, Erica! The due date is fast approaching, and we are all waiting in anticipation for your wee one’s arrival. (You look amazing, too!)

  11. For better or worse, you reminded me how much I love the fabric in those Whitfield patterns. I have no time for one of those, not even as a goal with a deadline, and yet, I feel my fingers itching. And that Baby Knitspot picture shows you’re also busy on another incredibly lovely project. 🙂

  12. Someday I am going to knit a Whitfield jacket! I too have tons of WIP’s to finish, thanks for the reminder to set daily goals.

    Oh and thanks for letting us take a peek at your baby photo. Twenty days will be here before you know it. :o)

  13. Oh Erica…What a great ultrasound!! Never seen such detail before. You are looking super for the last few weeks.

    I love that jacket.

  14. I was really struck by this line in your post: “Isn’t is strange how we know things about ourselves, but choose to ignore them? ” and had to say, “Amen, sister!” I had precisely the opposite experience with the games, signing up for something that I thought I would have no trouble finishing, but getting distracted, having other priorities, and needing to order different beads than I started with. I ended up with two projects on the needles, and only about 10% finished on one and 1% finished on the other. No medals for me!

    I know that I hate to knit to deadlines, and should have known better (heck, I don’t even have a TV to watch the Olympics).

    Knitter, know thyself! 🙂

  15. Yay for Baby Knitspot! It’s weird how accurate they can be. I had the same due date as Erica, but my baby was born on Aug. 11th and she was 6lbs 10 oz and was 20 in.

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