my stole-n heart

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i blocked out fiore di melanzana yesterday and wow—i loo-o-o-ve it. don’t tell the shawl i said this but . . . i think i might even love the stole better. who knew?

the fabric in this colorway is shimmery-looking and shows off the texture quite a bit

and the join—vanessa really came through in helping to work that out . . . i went through several iterations on paper before she worked out just the right solution in practice (i wasn’t knitting this piece so i relied on her hands to guide me through this part). then the other test knitters confirmed that it’s a great segue between the two stole halves

i sat in via telephone from austin while she held the piece in her hands and related the blow by blow so we could work on it “together”. you know, that was a moment when technology really shone. the only thing better would have been to use mutual video IM but i don’t think she has it. and don’t think it isn’t lost on me that technology saves the day for my low-tech knitting more times that i can count.

and now for the long shot

this is the tall size stole knit up from four skeins knitting notions classic merino lace, colorway thyme (for this stole we used just under four skeins—about 1500 yards; your mileage may vary).
we’ll do modeling shots over the weekend (it’s still a bit damp, the weather is awfully humid after that rain).

so you like that?? because there’s more . . . vanessa knit hers up in black zephyr wool/silk and i’ve been sitting on these pictures for a while but, oh MAN, did i ever want to shout about it.

is it not stunning? . . . you should see it on.
well, you will see it on—in a couple of days. definitely worth waiting for.

honestly when you put this one against the skin—WATCH out. you will stop traffic in it, i’m not kidding.

but i know that has no affect on you—you want to see the join, right?

vanessa knit this petite size stole using about 1200 yards of zephyr silk/wool.
so yeah, we will do photos over the weekend. rachel has pulled the proofreading out of the hat for us all the way from isreal while simultaneously preparing for her return to the U.S. (many many thanks rachel, i mean it!). so we are just about set to launch it, yay.

maybe kim in san diego expressed it best.

hehe. that’s what happens when you take something out of context . . . actually, the note came with a present she sent me—a little talisman from her recent trip to nepal, which i adore. even kade said to her, “you gotta get that for anne” (how much do we love kade??).

now i just need to get david to build a fiber cabinet for it. heh.

27 thoughts on “my stole-n heart

  1. This is gorgeous! I can’t decide if I like the shawl or the stole better! I want to knit one of these so bad, I have some Christmas presents to knit first though…sigh…

  2. Oh, the shawl was gorgeous, but the stole is my favorite. I feel the lacewings fit the scale much better in the rectilinear layout. Wonderful!

  3. Both the stole and the shawl are beautiful! I found it interesting that in the shawl, my eyes see the pattern of the holes and in the stole, I see more of the flower shape.

    I foresee an order coming soon, as I also just saw a gorgeous Hypotenuse (and of course, how to choose among the Little Nothings!).

  4. Oh, my. Just…….oh, my. There are no words. Okay. Perhaps stunning. Breathtaking. Spectacular. Shutting up now.

  5. OK, first — how well does Kim know you? It’s perfect! And second, the stole is stunning. Really, really stunning. The black. The not-black. Both gorgeous. Do I need to knit the stole, too? Maybe so… 😉

  6. I gotta say that I thought the green was beautiful yesterday, but you could know me over with a feather–because it’s even more beautiful all blocked. Oh that long shot.

  7. Wowee zowee! Two home runs!! I have an apricot Zephyr that has been aching to be knit for a couple of years. Gaw-jus!!!

  8. SO , SO , AMAZING – my finger will be waiting near the buy button for sure – so great to see it in 2 yarns – love how the pattern is shown off

    – what can I say your pattern always leave me speechless

  9. stunning – I’m such a goner for stoles. Cannot wait to see them modeled.
    Leave it to Vanessa to come up with telephone-join-assistance 🙂 You just gotta love that grrl!
    dang – my queue is getting bigger and bigger 🙂

  10. Wow! it is really a stunner in either yarn. I do like it better than the shawl! can’t wait to add it to the queue and figure out when I can start it (maybe after Hamsa). The join will be an interesting challenge for me.

  11. It is stunningly gorgeous. I can’t imagine ever making something so beautiful!
    Your rain didn’t come my way. Nothing but sun & humidity for us this weekend.

  12. Oh, my goodness….I just can’t keep up!!! I’m going to have to do this also….just beautiful 🙂 I need to clone myself a few times…

  13. Long time lurker finally dropping in to say how gorgeous this stole is! This will definitely be another knitspot pattern in my rav queue. Thank you 🙂

  14. Oh pretty pretty pretty pretty! I wan the sort of life where I can wear all the lovely shawls I want to make from your patterns. I also want the sort of life that has time to knit them all. I gotta figure out how to get that. Hey, when I dream, I dream big, baby!

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